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Billy Graham tried to stop JFK becoming president

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I have to wonder if the pastor of the largest Baptist congregation in the U S in 1960, W A Criswell of the First Baptist Church of Dallas was not at Billy Graham and Norman Vincent Peale's secret meeting of ministers in Switzerland.  He was flush with donations from one of his newest parishioners at the time, the world's richest man Harrison Lafayette Hunt.

In July of 60 he tells his congregation Catholicism "is not only a religion, it is a political tyranny" that "threatens those basic freedoms and those constitutional rights for which our forefathers died.  When Americans pay income taxes, they unknowingly pay to prop up the Roman Catholic Church."  pgs. 42-43, DALLAS 1963, otherwise not recommended for it's lone nut conclusion.

This sermon is reprinted by Hunt and mailed to protestant ministers nationwide, a violation of national election laws.  The FBI investigates, Hunt goes into hiding and sends JFK a suitcase full of money, which is rejected.  I.E., JFK pissed off the richest man in the world at the time, further.  

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