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September 7, 1963

Puerto Alegre, Brazil






AMWHIP arrived 5 September delayed by weather. Contacted and held first meeting with AMLASH same evening to arrange schedule for future meets.. This meet short as Jose Revellon Alonso expecting two for dinner. On 5 September AMLASH reported Revellon planning go São Paulo six September thus permitting more time for meets. On five September AMWHIP reported Revellon decided not to go due Cuban athlete's defection 4 September and fear more defections. This increases contact problems, Revellon now talking as if not interested returning via Prague as originally planned which may cancel AMLASH trip to France unless he feels it secure go alone.  As of now AMLASH plans return to Cuba Via Europe.

AMLASH completed nine months training course with rebel army at end of which Fidel invited AMLASH to spend his vacation at beach house next to his. When Raul Castro gave AMLASH his military assignment as info officer for Cahaquay province AMLASH refused except and stated he rather go back to work in a hospital. AMLASH Left on present trip with matter or unresolved but feels this has not endangered his position with regime.

AMLASH  reports GOC security and control greatly increased past year. Repressive measures so strong that all individuals opposed to government afraid to do anything. Emma is still feels there only two ways accomplish change either inside job or invasion. He realistic enough realize latter out of question. According AMWHIP, AMLASH Still waiting for US reveal plan of action. Disappointed with what demonstrated last year France as too cumbersome for his use. States he received only one letter (presumably first one which QUFLAGS mailed internally)  and claims he sent second letter sending address. When received our letter, he realized his second letter not received. This caused some concern. In sounding out minister of communications (who neighbor and friend) AMLASH could only determine that many letters were checked and stopped because GOC aware that mails used much to get info out of Cuba.he also felt there was nothing important to report during year (such as his having been told personally by Fidel of his planned a trip to Soviet union 15 days before ladder left).

AMLASH  cocky totally spoiled brat who will always be control problem but feel his feelings against regime sincere and he basically honest. If commo is to be regularly maintained it obvious a second person necessary this capacity. Convinced AMLASH not type who will take time or have patience prepare or receive constant stream SW messages, let alone OWVL. AMLASH Also need strong confident inside who will push him and serve as chaplain. Plan discuss Marcelo ARTIME as possible choice fill this role. According AMWHIP Atime trusted by AMLASH. Artime boyhood friend of AMWHIP (see Falucci contact reports on AMWHIP leads).

IfM last travels your recommend we prepared to train him AS/48 and more sophisticated SAB techniques. If he does not go Europe will instruct him SW and OWVL here.


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Index cards with many code names..

WIZARD/4. "Protect in full" p.6.   Not in MFF

TUADANCE.   P.9.  Not in MFF

FUBELT  p.11  Not in MFF 


MHCIDER     Not in MFF 

MHPASHA     Not in MFF 







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