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Thumbprints on the bullets?

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I was just wondering...


I think I've read that the revolver that was taken from Oswald in the Theater was fully loaded.

Were the bullets from that revolver dusted for fingerprints?

It would seem that the physical act of loading that revolver would require pushing the bullets into the chamber by pushing them in with your thumb.

Were Oswald's thumbprints found on the base of those bullets?

Just  like the unfired bullet found in the chamber of the rifle. That bullet didn't have Oswald's thumbprint on it either, which would involve the same physical process of loading the clip...


It makes me wonder.


Steve Thomas

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I worked Crime Scene Investigation in the early 70's in Detroit and only found finger prints once on a handgun-thankfully it convicted a cop killer but never got a print off ammo. Years later I did two separate tours in Detroit Homicide and never saw any successful prints off ammo-a lot of smears but nothing useful. My motto was always, "I'd sooner be lucky than good".


One thing I haven't seen mentioned was that Oswald's revolver had been rechambered to .38 Special and so bullet markings were a wash but the firing pin markings are individual and they should have been able to compare the firing pin marks from Oswald's revolver and certainly if there had been a match they would have shouted it from the skies.

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