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Kennedy Faces the Middle East

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I have finished a long essay on JFK's Middle East policy.  It is based upon his view of Nasser, the Palestinian problem and Israel and Dimona.

It will be published at the end of the month. 

It is really surprising to me that it took about 55 years for anyone to delve into this in any real, overall gestalt manner.  I have to credit my friend Malcolm Blunt for getting some important memos for me from the JFK Library.  He is simply invaluable.

Anyway, this is a really important subject in relation to the contemporary world.  And also this linked story:


Kennedy was really the last guy to stand up to Israel in any real way.  And he was also the last guy to try and secure the rights of repatriation for Palestinian victims of the Nakba. Including those who wanted to return to Israel.  And the UN would pay for it.  After Kennedy, LBJ and Nixon utterly reversed his policy and did not give one iota about the Dimona atomic reactor plant which was crucial to Kennedy.  He wanted to atomic weapons in the area.

Anyway we owe this to Rep. Omar.  She paid a price but she put it on the table. 


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