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Just Played My Newly Acquired Vaughn Meader "First Family" LP.

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David, your one man JFK show idea by Meader "might" have worked.

But only if it were attempted at least 7 years later when the political correctness of such a presentation might have been at least a little more palatable.

However, I believe that JFK's gruesome brain and blood spewing slaughter ( massively publicly viewed via the Zapruder film ) was so graphically and monstrously brutal, that most people of our generation who viewed this true life horror film, with JFK's head exploding right next to his terrified young wife, would for the rest of "their" lives be haunted by it to such a nightmarish degree that they just couldn't see any JFK centered theatrical piece ( dramatic or comedic ) without re-feeling this nightmare.

I  think that this long term traumatic effect of the JFK nightmare for this generation was demonstrated by the huge public reaction to Oliver Stone's 1991 film "JFK."

Here it was 30 years after 11,22,1963...and the audience reaction to this film ( millions of viewers) was generally one that still reflected greatly disturbed grief, shock and suspicion over the JFK assassination. 

In my mind these massive audience shared JFK film emotions were credible evidence of real symptomatic effects of long term PTSD.  

Our nation, our society in the 1960's was much more traumatically effected by the murders of JFK, MLK and RFK than we have been able to understand and acknowledge, even to this day in my opinion.


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