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  1. Looking at this film clip of Jackie arising from her seated position, I have to agree with Sean's assessment. It doesn't look like she grabs anything on the trunk hood. I have to assume that the brain matter of her husband that Jackie carried into Parkland and handed to one of the doctors attending to her husband was grabbed after her trunk hood ascent and further on the way to Parkland. My God! What a horrific experience for Jackie. No wonder she looks like the most traumatized person you could imagine in those LBJ requested swearing in photo op pictures. I always said, that Jackie Kennedy looked different in photos of her after 11,22,1963. Her eyes. No longer innocently relaxed and happy. She looked "touched." Like a mother who lost a child horrifically, right in front of her. Great pain and loss experience weary.
  2. Was it the same Lee Harvey Oswald we all know? Also, would it be that easy for an unemployed, minimum wage earning American who can't even support his wife and child and who traveled to Mexico City by cheapest fare dust covered bus, to be able to get a personal one-on-one sit down with someone supposedly as high ranking as Kostikov? Kostikov to Oswald: "What professional position do you currently hold Mr. Osvald?" Oswald to Kostikov: "Well, right now I am unemployed. I have had a series of minimum wage jobs the last year. My pregnant wife and our infant daughter are living with friends until I can get back on my feet financially. "I have recently spent a decent amount of time passing out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans though. Even engaging in fisticuffs with some anti-Castro hooligans while doing so." Kostikov to Oswald: "And what is it that has inspired you to request my personal attention?" "Do you have or know something of benefit for mother Russia?" "And you must know that your physical presence here has been filmed and recorded by your own government ... da?" Oswald to Kostikov: "I wish to go to Cuba." "I believe I have much to offer to the current situation there." "I have training in basic Marine procedure. I have had radio and television coverage in my pro-Castro activities back in my country." I can clean coffee machines, hand out leaflets, develop map photos and soon I hope to learn how to drive a car. I speak some Russian, enjoy listening to Russian opera music, prescribe to and read your "Militant" and "Worker" publications - look I have a photo proving this - and I even love Borscht! If you add in a shake of American Worcestershire sauce." My point being that Oswald's access to a personal meet up with someone of Kostikov's standing would be like David Atlee Phillips granting a personal one-on-one interview to an unemployed Russian potato peeler who believes he can make important contribution to "American Cause" of freedom if only he could be granted asylum... Da? The whole Oswald / Kostikov personal one-on-one meet up affair doesn't make any sense at all.
  3. Was Jackie ever asked what she was doing in getting up from her seat and crawling over it's back to the trunk top? Did she never explain her actions in doing so. Or, was she in such shock, she didn't even remember doing this?
  4. They were threatened with career ruination by their chief doctor for several years if they went public with anything but the official line. Dr. Charles Crenshaw bravely broke through that threat choke hold and told much more of what he witnessed during that weekend. I totally believed his account of LBJ calling through directly to him while he was attempting to save Oswald's life. And the mentioning to him by LBJ of a dark character in the room who would try to take Oswald's confession. A figure who looked very much like Wild Bill Harvey. A Parkland switch board operator at the time of Crenshaw's claim, stated she did indeed put President Johnson through to Crenshaw.
  5. Robert. Going to miss you. I have so enjoyed and appreciated your postings. Will keep you in my thoughts and pray you have loving, calming angels next to you throughout your medical ordeals. The truth is ALWAYS a freeing thing. Even hard truths that are learned much later than their original false truth propagation dates and times. Maybe not for some at first by those who have been wounded by the original non-truths. However, any healing process cannot honestly and wholely happen without the truth. We all know this. Same goes for that wise old "doomed to repeat the bad past" adage, eh? I think that the truths about LBJ, Hoover and others in our highest rungs of power and who benefitted back in those days of the big 3 assassinations will eventually be known. Dark, ugly and sickening truths that have kept us all in a much more stunted potential existence than we ever imagined.
  6. The hypocrisy of Trump supporters ( especially police and first responders ) never ceases to be outrageously ... "political!" They love Trump's authoritarian/fascist mentality bent.
  7. The simplest and most easily understood comparative analogy to put the insurrection into proper perspective regards the outrageous downplaying and now the obscene light punishments handed out to most of those tried is still: If the violent attacking insurrection horde were Black Lives Matter extremists Trump would have given "shoot to kill" orders 15 minutes into the breach and Trump and all of his cult followers would be screaming daily from then to now that this was the worst and most threatening, terrifying, traumatizing attack against our Democracy...ever! And those involved should be punished with ten years or more long prison sentences and as accessories to the event caused deaths to members of the Capital police. And we all know this is exactly what the down players would be doing if the invading horde members were anyone but Trump inspired crazies. And Trump actually watched the terrifying insurrection on TV for what ... two hours? Doing nothing to protect the members of Congress including his own VP who were under violent attack in all that time? Purposely ignoring desperate pleas to respond from several staff right around him? Trump should be charged for that action. For sure the most criminally negligent one I've ever seen of a U.S. President in all my 70 years.
  8. As much as I have always assumed Marguerite Oswald was an overbearing pill, she was absolutely right and logical in her expressed views of what was going on with Life magazine, Ruth Paine, Marina's translator interviewer and Odom. Everything Marina was sharing, everything Lee Oswald hating Ruth Paine was blabbing just hours after Lee's arrest and everything Marina's interpreter was eliciting from Marina could and would be used against Lee in so many ways. And I totally agree with M. Oswald in regards to her asking for some "real compensation" for her and Marina from a huge private profit making media company like Life Magazine for giving them any personal information about Lee and themselves, which they would and then did use to sell millions of copies of their magazine those first few weeks. I couldn't stand to be around Oswald's mother myself, but she was trying to control an absolutely out-of-control pressured interview situation with no legal help for Marina, herself and especially Lee through all this. She was right in this. It was cringing to hear how Ruth Paine immediately gave unfettered access to the media into her home and to Marina and shared so much about Lee to them, just hours after Lee's arrest. As Momma Oswald correctly stated while overhearing many of Ruth Paine's comments to the Life Magazine reporters, Ruth was giving out certain important information about Lee that simply wasn't true. If people want to criticize Marguerite for mentioning compensation while being asked to share her and Marina's and Lee personal stories, what could be more greedy money minded than Abraham Zapruder's immediate demand for huge compensation from Life Magazine for his film and which he received what ... $150,000 for? ( equivalent to 1 MILLION dollars today! ) Marguerite had a much more Lee and Marina protective perspective in her responses to so much pressure from outsiders to elicit information without legal council and that's exactly what someone should have been doing. My take on Ruth Paine's welcoming all comers ( almost cheerfully? ) into her home and openly and immediately sharing personal information about Marina and Lee is that she was doing the opposite of what someone who truly had the best legal protection interests of Marina and Lee in mind would be doing. Maybe Ruth was relieved to think that Marina would finally be freed from the burdens of being married to a man Ruth felt was a complete and maybe even abusive loser. A man she herself personally hated?
  9. Exactly. It's also the more appropriate name for the real power group that uses the "Republican Party" name in name only. Or, the "1% Party" if you will.
  10. I hadn't considered the point that Thane Cesar was in the line of fire himself. Sirhan fired a lot of shots. They hit several people, but not big hulking Cesar who was right at RFK's side when the firing started? I don't think the average person knows the history of the L.A.P.D. It has always been known that a great part of that force held extreme right wing views for decades in the 1940's, 50's. 60's. Racist views. In 1963 by and large most on that force hated the Kennedy's. I don't think the average American knows the extent of that hate. When JFK called out federal troops to the University of Mississippi on October 1962 to confront the segregationist protest over James Meredith entering that formerly all white campus, the level of hate towards JFK ( and RFK ) just exploded among Americans who favored segregation. Murderous level hate. The L.A.P.D. in a majority way was of that mind set back then and even in 1968. I remember hearing a taped L.A. P.D. dispatch phone call of a lady calling the L.A.P.D. to tell them of the RFK shooting. She started by telling the police dispatcher she was calling in an emergency from the Ambassador Hotel. She then told the dispatcher RFK was staying there. The gruff sounding dispatcher immediately interjected at that point and said loudly in the most disgusted tone..."BIG DEAL!"
  11. Even LBJ himself believed Oswald didn't act alone. He says this straight faced to Walter Cronkite: Lyndon Johnson interview with Walter Cronkite, September 1969 7.5K views7 years ago
  12. Living in California my whole life and specifically on the Monterey Peninsula I can remember two other state political recall events in the last 30 years. One of governor Grey Davis and the other of California Chief Justice Rose Bird. Over night, there were tables and chairs set up in front of our post offices with loads of hyperbolic literature portraying Davis and Bird as the worst characters one could imagine. Not just complete incompetents but with a deeper Rush Limbaugh type cloaked inference of their being extreme left, black coddling or even socialist commie sympathizing liberals ... real boogie man stuff. And these booths were staffed by mostly women who looked like they resided in the wealthiest area of Pebble Beach! Well dressed. Well coifed. Well spoken. I believed these must be members of the local chapter of the Republican Women's club. What befuddled me was the instant appearance of these well organized / high society staffed, bad boogie man scare promoting set ups. At the time, I wasn't completely unaware of California state political affairs and doings, and I had not heard very much about Bird and Grey Davis being so bad they needed to be thrown out. And I really felt 90% of other adult Californians felt the same. Guess, we had to be "educated" as to how bad, dangerous and damaging Bird and Davis really were! Yet, both of these well financed, super hyped up scare campaigns worked! Bird and Davis were embarrassingly tossed out on their rear ends! A lawyer friend of mine once told me that one of the main financiers of the Bird recall effort were insurance corporations. Reason being Rose Bird kept ruling against them in her California Supreme Court cases! However, the main wag the dog scare tactic message promoted in the Bird recall campaign was that she was ... against the death penalty! She coddled MURDERERS! Nothing mentioned about her insurance company defying legal decisions, of course. When Davis was thrown out and replaced by "The Terminator" I did not know what the majority of voters of California thought he could do that would be so great we would all see that Grey Davis really was a complete boob. As it turned out, Schwartzi was truly one of the worst governors California ever had! When he left office, all the economic numbers usually cited in measuring a governor's leadership abilities and achievements were doubly worse than Davis's! Unemployment doubled. Deficit doubled. Crime, traffic, illegal immigration...all worse! Both the Grey Davis and Rose Bird recall campaigns were shamelessly disingenuous, well financed, false flag sham affairs! The Republicans are willing to put up hundreds of millions of dollars to finance these scare charades. Dems never do. Our most wealthy are more aggressive this way. The Brooks Brother riots in Dade County Florida, the violent Capital building insurrection, and now this latest recall scam in California are other examples of wealthy Republican financed political action extremities in trying to subvert our election process if their candidates lose...imo.
  13. Joan Mellon debunking Mac Wallace "stories?" Sounds to me that the only Mac Wallace story she is debunking is the TXSBD fingerprint one. When Wallace quit TEMCO 4 months before Henry Marshall's beating and shooting death, was he already in California? Or still living in Texas? Wallace's unbelievable reprieve from a murder conviction in Texas after a court trial jury found him guilty of murder with malice is the white elephant in the room here. LBJ getting him off was an exercise of corrupt power and influence to a mind boggling degree. That almost unprecedented power move tells me everything I need to know regards how corrupt and powerful LBJ really was even back in 1951/52 and seemingly so many others in his and Ed Clark's state. Like I said, what does someone owe to a Godfather who actually got him off a jury verdict murder conviction like LBJ did for Wallace? IMO...if LBJ told Wallace to kill someone for him, there is the most powerful justification for Wallace feeling he had to do this for the man that kept him out of prison throughout the prime of his life.
  14. One would think that with the heavy jostling lifting of JFK's body out of the limo by the big beefy SS agent and others and then placing him on a gurney and then lifting him and his limp head again off the gurney and onto the ER room exam and treatment table and probably hands on moving parts of JFK's body ( including his head ) in a straight prone position that the huge blown out flap of skull bone we see in the photo and described by 10 to 15 feet away eyewitness Bill Newman might have moved enough for someone to notice it was separated? Would have been lots of blood and/or brain fluid oozing out of that open brain tissue area as well - no? Every attending Parkland doctor who had need to be at the head end of JFK's body on that table described the gaping "baseball size" hole in the back of JFK's head...and the oozing of brain matter and fluid from this, while JFK was being worked on. What happened to that part of JFK's skull bone that would have covered that hole? Could this have been the skull bone piece that was described as landing somewhere onto the curb side of the street?
  15. My God! Is that verifiably true? Documented? Forensically proven?
  16. What a perversely incongruous image. The man who okayed Geneva Convention violating torture of prisoners painting an image of his own creation? Maybe some guilty reflection there? Anybody's guess what inspired Jr. to paint such an image? Just went to our first film in a theater in over 1 1/2 years. Saw the film "The Card Counter." Speaking of the subject of the use of torture under the Bush/Cheney Rumsfeld terms.
  17. Isn't the North Pole shifting? Supposed to be in the Michigan area fairly soon?
  18. Do I see a "chunk" of something on the trunk in the still photos? And it looks as if Jackie is staring right at it. I think this chunk of something is what Jackie raised up and out of her seat to retrieve.
  19. Amazing side-by-side video posting and presentation. You guys are really talented. This forum is the best greatly because of the contributions like this from it's members. Question that pops up continually when I watch film of Jackie climbing out of her seat and onto the trunk: Was she trying to get out of that death cage? And Clint Hill made her go back with his body blocking presence and "go back" hand gestures? Or was she actually retrieving a piece of JFK's skull or chunk of his brain that she saw explode off and onto the trunk? She was staring right at JFK face and head when it exploded. Too me it looks like the latter. And once she had the skull or brain chunk in her grasp, she started moving back into her seat on her own volition. Hill's leaping up presence was not the reason she went back and down into her seat. Even in shock beyond words, Jackie Kennedy was not going to leave her obliterated bloody husband alone in that back seat.
  20. While the death of America's most famous "sex goddess" icon at a relatively young age under somewhat suspicious or at least unsure circumstances is a high drama, truly sad tragedy story, The clear murder of Dorothy Kilgallen is a much more important story imo, especially in the context of the JFK assassination. Kilgallen was murdered because of her investigation into the JFK assassination and anyone with common sense can see this. Her drug, prescription pill situation was nothing compared to Marilyn Monroe's. Kilgallen never attempted suicide. Never overdosed before, never had to see psychiatrists because of childhood and even adult trauma. Monroe's housekeeper witnessed Monroe's long term abuse of prescription drugs. Kilgallen's close personal aides never saw anything like this. Clearly, collective society here and even world wide were much more connected on a deeper emotional level with the super beautiful MM. Millions of men worldwide fantasized over her, women were envious. Amazing how the sexual attraction part of our pyches effects how we give import and interest to deaths of certain celebrities over others. Freudian thing I guess. Kilgallen didn't inspire anything close to the emotional interest level of MM's death in this way. But in the more important subject of JFK's murder, it should have. Just sharing an observation of my own interest.
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