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Rolf Mowatt-Larssen and Jake Esterline (jfkcountercoup)

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Interestingly enough, Doug Campbell dedicated an entire show on this topic as well. He tried to reach out to Kelly (a few years ago) but unfortunately to no avail as Kelly never (or wasn't able?) responded. He also attempted to reach out to Mowatt-Larsen for the audio as well to no avail. Hope you're in good health Mr K. Doug’s show and thoughts on this conference that Burleigh reported on can be found here:


I think it goes without saying that this is interesting to say the least. I can't help (as Doug couldn't) but wonder what sources Larssen was able to survey that led to his personal conclusion of Esterline's involvement.

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Thanks B.A.C. - I don't recall Doug Campbell reaching out to me. 

If there's not transcript or written words that can be sourced it's not research, just entertainment. 

I will be talking about it soon with Len Osanic at Black Op Radio. 

I'm not hard to find. 

I'm not done on this topic yet either. More to come. 


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