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Capt William R Westbrook---Super Cop

Karl Hilliard

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Mr. BALL. Where were you when you heard the President had been shot?
    Mr. WESTBROOK. I was in my office and Mrs. Kinney, one of the dispatchers, came into the office and told us, and of course it's the same as everybody says--we didn't believe it until a second look at her and I realized it was so, and so, there's a little confusion right here because everybody became rather excited right quick, but somebody, and I don't know who it was, came into my office and said they needed some more men at this Texas Depository Building.
    You know, I didn't review my report before I came over here I didn't have a chance. I just came off of vacation and they hit me with this this morning as soon as I got to the office. I can't recall whether or not it was the dispatcher's office, but I think it was--somebody in the dispatcher's office had told us they needed some more men at the Texas Depository Building, so I sent the men that were in my office, which were then Sergeants Stringer and Carver, and possibly Joe Fields and McGee, if they were in there it seems like McGee was, and I think--I sent them to the building, and then I walked on down the hall spreading the word and telling the other people that they needed some men down there, and practically everybody left immediately. I sat around a while really not knowing what to do because of the--almost all of the commanding officers and supervisors were out of the city hall and I finally couldn't stand it any longer, so I started to the Texas Depository Building, and believe it or not, I walked. There wasn't a car available, and so I walked from the city hall to the Depository Building, and I would stop on the way down where there would be a group of people listening to somebody's transistor radio and I would stop and catch a few false reports, you might say, at that time, until I reached the building. After we reached the building, or after I reached the....
    ..[con't] .... so then I went into the building to help start the search and I was on the first floor.

One absurd account!
There is always this anonymous "somebody told me" in every one of these police statements.
According to the police transcript, his boss [Chief Curry] ordered men not to the book building but to the railroad yards.
So how did Westbrook know anything about the book building? Curious.

He sends everybody out of the office not wanting at the time to go with them. Why?
Then he "sat around not knowing what to do."
A police captain didn't know what to do?
There was "no car available" to a police captain?
So he goes on a leisurely stroll for- one mile - from the DPD station.
President Kennedy has just been shot and he can't commandeer a ride.
He states that "I walked"..."I stopped along the way..."I caught some false reports"...what false reports?..."until I reached the building".
"After we reached the building, or after I reached the..." Oops a slip there?
Westbrook claimed that he "helped start the search".
After a supposed 20-30 minute hike to the TSBD...wasn't there a search already in progress? Where did Westbrook really go that day?

As an add..we are surely certain that he did not walk from City Hall to Dealey Plaza.
Captain W R Westbrook was lying...plain and simple.
 See also this brief from the Weisberg files written by Ian Griggs...  
http://jfk.hood.edu/Collection/Weisberg Subject Index Files/D Disk/Dallas Police/Item 10.pdf

 I realize that there have been many posts concerning Westbrook but I couldn't find any Westbrook topics after searching so this is was something stored in my files...


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Yes the more I study the guy, the more absolutely suspicious he becomes but I try to reserve judgement in this case moreso these days. Either way, Westbrook should have been considered a suspect in an ideal world. Nice bit of analysis using official documents/evidence and I absolutely love Grigg’s treatment of the DPD there. Always a joy to read and understand. There was also this topic here:

I guess your post could be merged with that topic? I mean we really should have a formal “Capt. William R. Westbrook” personnel type topic created either way honestly. The same way the good minds have created at the ROKC forum.

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