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Thomas D. Herman Smooches Halberstam and Sheehan

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A reader of K and K sent me this Herman's guy article in the Boston Globe. What an upside down world we live in.

Its almost like there is a plot within the MSM not to reveal just how wrong they were about Vietnam.  

Now this guy comes out with this column that somehow tries to turn Halberstam and Sheehan into journalistic heroes and JFK for wishing to expand the war.  When the historical record depicts the opposite happened.  It was Sheehan and Halberstam who wanted more and direct American involvement and JFK was withdrawing.  What a disgrace that this was actually written and then printed.

Its why so many people are now disassociated from the MSM.



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I am adding to this for a rather surprising reason, one which I had no idea would occur.

When I posted my article on Thomas D. Herman, and his disgusting kissing up to Sheehan and Halberstam, I included my years old review of Halberstam's cover up book about Vietnam, The Best and the Brightest.  That book, which the MSM and  the liberal blogosphere still hold dear, was called by the late Warren Hinckle, "One of the greatest bullxxxx books ever written."  Which is accurate. 

Well, guess what?  The highest rated article at Kennedys and King.com is now my review of Halberstam.  Which is fine by me, since the more people are aware of what a horrendous book that is, the better for us all. Be my guest and join the party.



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