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Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith to discuss Hoffa’s disappearance

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Douglas, thanks for the heads-up.  Strange thing, George Noory is the last to have seen Hoffa alive.  The last to admit it anyway.  He has told the story many times on Coast to Coast: he met Jimmy at the Detroit radio station where he worked, kept talking with him after the interview, walked him out to his car.  Hoffa was never seen again, not by anyone who admitted it.

A story rarely mentioned in assassination literature: fairly early when Bobby Kennedy was Attorney General, he sort of ordered Jimmy Hoffa to come to his office, made an appointment.  RFK was very late, something like 45 minutes, if memory serves.  When he finally sashayed in with his big sloppy Newfoundland (name Beau Brummel?)  JH immediately grabbed him by his collars, lifting him off his feet, and pinned the US AG (!) against filing cabinets.  With a few choice words, though not loudly.  The lawyer with Hoffa rushed up and got between the two and it was over, as quickly as it had begun.  Bobby acted like "no harm, no foul."

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