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Any Forum Members To Speak On Coast To Coast Radio JFK Anniversary Show Tonight?

Joe Bauer

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They don't mention the names of any interview participants in their pre-show notice.

Maybe this will be a JFK assassination anniversary show without well known researcher's input?

Will tonight's host ask for random phone call input from the listening audience?

I've only contacted C2C during a live broadcast once in my life when David Talbot of Salon.com was being interviewed about his JFK book "Brothers."

I sent an e-mail which host Ian Punnet actually read on-air in it's entirety and which even elicited a thoughtful response from David Talbot.

I may do the same tonight. 

I've thought about mentioning a very basic and easy to contemplate and understand observation regards considering the improbability of Oswald's ease of firing three or more super loud shots at JFK with his rifle barrel sticking out of the Texas School Book Depository 6th floor window and this action and his presence in the window being observed by up to 5 clueless bystanders on the street below him and yet ... not one trained and responsible security person?

And asking listeners to consider the added improbability of someone blowing JFK's head apart, multi-wounding John Connally's body, descending 5 floors right after in a crazy high energy building where he is personally confronted by a police officer and after nonchalantly finishing a Doctor Pepper soda pop, then casually walking away from the scene, catching a bus three blocks away, within minutes then departing the bus, signaling a local cab but gives this up to a desperate woman out of Southern male chivalry and then getting into another cab where he goes to his rooming house where his landlady sees a police car pull up to the front of the rooming house and "tit-tit"ing their horn twice then slowly pulling away while Oswald is right inside changing clothes.

Lowest minimum wage earning Lee Harvey Oswald, who needs another minimum wage co-worker to drive him to work in a rickety car with his rifle broken down in parts and wrapped in parchment paper held together with tape,  then walks into his busy TXSBD workplace with this odd looking package and saunters up to the 6th floor to hide this until he needs it at the just the right time and place to defeat an army of security forces just feet below him including his casual walking away after doing this loud, 6 seconds long, perfect bulls-eye small and moving target shooting in front of hundreds of eye-witnesses and in broad daylight?

All this with no timing planning or escape planning and just winging the whole thing with just a few bucks in his pocket and no one else involved to help him?  

And all through this JFK assassination action ( supposedly being carried out spontaneously out Lee Harvey Oswald ) "Assignment Oswald" book writing FBI agent James Hosty is having lunch in a downtown Dallas diner?

Oh Please!




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