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Jacqueline Kennedy: A Brand New Path

Douglas Caddy

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On 12/13/2019 at 8:29 AM, Douglas Caddy said:

Jacqueline Kennedy: A Brand New Path



She and her life with JFK is an almost surreal story.

So glamorous, classy and romantic and then ending instantly in such an epically brutal and tragic way.

A story to be remembered for all ages. 

The stuff of Shakespeare for sure.

I feel lucky that I was alive to be a personal witness to JFK's and Jackie Kennedy's life during his presidency and knew and felt the actual vigor and excitement of their unprecedented attractive, charismatic and new adventure type energy and just old enough to understand just how special they both were to the nation and especially our huge number baby boomer youth at the time.

I know the American way is to reject Royalty privilege verses the common citizen liberty, justice and opportunity for all in our Democracy based nation and society...but it was hard not to feel and see that JFK and Jackie just had a natural royalty like aura around them...and most of us loved to gaze at it's glow.

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