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I arrived in Texas during 1971 from the UK, and I got a job running a weekly newspaper for a lawyer who wanted me to create a conservative alternative to the existing liberal daily.

Well, I had a crash course in what "conservative" meant because in England, it referred to a eponymous political party, but what they thought was 'conservative' was not the same as the Duke of Duval and his buddies at Brown and Root.

They had previously rigged an election to get LBJ on the path to becoming Vice President - before the President had his head blown off so that LBJ became president.

Then there followed that strange cycle wherein the president resigned after his VP had resigned and the USA ended up with an unelected President and Vice-President.

So if Joe Biden is the patsy for a brigade of new election fixers, it will be nothing new, will it?

But isn't it strange that no one is talking about the election stolen by the Duke of Duval with Brown and Root money to get LBJ on his way to the White House via the US Senate?

The silence is deafening.

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