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Any info on Mrs Hoover....no not Clyde.

Pete Mellor

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The case of Mrs. L.E. Hoover from the very small town of Martinsburg in central Pennsylvania.  She had found a piece of paper a week before the assassination with the names "Lee Oswald"  "Jack Rubenstein"  "Ruby" and "Silver Slipper".  The reference to "Silver Slipper" may not be the Ruby owned nightclub, but the one in Las Vegas later known for money laundering between organized crime and CIA.

Mrs Hoover believed that the paper had accidentally come out of a trash can that belonged to a Cuban family with high level connections to the Batista government in Cuba. The FBI climbed all over her and threatened her, but she stuck to her story and demanded to take a lie detector test -- which the FBI, for once, was not willing to do.

Researcher Gary Schoener traced Mrs Hoover who had also filched a plane ticket to Vegas and a ticket for the Silver Slipper club out of the Cuban neighbours trash.  J. Edgar would be proud.  Schoener took these items to N.O. for Garrison's investigation.  Unfortunately they disappeared from the D.A.'s safe.

There is no Mrs Hoover in any book index that I have on Garrison.

Has anyone any information on Mrs Hoover?   

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In addition to above, I believe HSCA further investigated these Cubans, and the name of Julio Cesar Fernandes Jr. may relate to this.

Escalante lists the name in an Appendix in his 'JFK:The Cuba Files'.

Gaeton Fonzi also has information on Fernandes in 'The Last Investigation' linking him with Oswald in N.O.

Any info on this too appreciated. 

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