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Oswald, Depository to Rooming House

Bill Brown

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10 hours ago, Gil Jesus said:

The Warren Commission used circular reasoning in their case against Oswald. Its supporters use it to defend the Commission as well.

Normal reasoning starts with a premise that is proven and leads to a conclusion. Circular reasoning starts with a conclusion, accepts it as fact without physical proof, then circles back to the premise using the conclusion as proof of the premise.

For example, McWatters handing the transfer to Oswald would result in the Dallas Police finding it on his person.

That's normal reasoning.

Circular reasoning says because police said they found McWatters' bus transfer on Oswald, that means McWatters handed it to him.

It doesn't matter to these people that McWatters testified that Oswald was NOT the man he gave the transfer to, or that Oswald was NOT even the man who got on his bus, the fact that the police said so is the proof.

And any evidence to the contrary they completely ignore.

Just like the coverup Commission they defend.


So now you ARE accepting eyewitness identifications, whether they be positive or negative?


Okay then.


That means Oswald killed Tippit and/or ran from the scene with a gun in his hands. according to the positive identifications of the following eyewitnesses:


Helen Markham

William Scoggins

Barbara Davis

Virginia Davis

Sam Guinyard

Ted Callaway

Warren Reynolds

Pat Patterson

Harold Russell



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