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Save Parkland Hospital

Gerry Down

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Parkland hospital, a key site in the JFK assassination story, is being demolished. Not only was JFK pronounced dead here, but several other key players in the story entered its doors. Oswald was operated on here in an attempt to save his life after being shot, Jack Ruby and Tippit had their autopsies here, George Demohrenschildt was treated here during some of his psychotic episodes in the 1970s and Zapruder died here.

Apparently the first steps which began in July of this year was the slow process of the removal of asbestos. The hospital is expected to be completely demolished by Nov 2023 - the 60th anniversary of the JFK assassination. All this came about because Parkland hospital was never designated a national historic landmark just like The Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles was failed to be put on the register.

Gary Mack of the Sixth Floor Museum commented a few years ago of his disappointment when Oswalds Elsbeth street address was due to be torn down. Surprised the current Sixth Floor Museum didn't publicize the fate that now awaits Parkland hospital.

Is it too late to have Parkland hospital placed on the national historic landmark register and saved for future generations?

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