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In the Shadow of Camelot: Two new books about Ted Kennedy

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The Wall Street Journal reviews these two books in its Weekend Edition, (October 22-23, 2022):

Against the Wind 

by Neal Gabler

Crown Publishers, 1,227 pages, $45

Ted Kennedy

by John A. Farrell

Penguin Press, 738 pages, $40

The lengthy review covers more than a half page. Here are some highlights:

"American history has thrown up its share of political dynasties, but there has never been one quite like the Kennedys.

"The chaotic year of 1968 might have been the only time when Ted Kennedy could have won a presidential campaign.

"Sen. Kennedy was neither prophet nor thinker. Unlike his two older brothers, John and Robert, who chafed under senatorial constraints and always kept their eyes fixed on the main chance, Ted Kennedy was temperamentally suited for the clublike habits and atmosphere of the Senate. In due course, and especially after the collapse of his presidential ambitions, he mastered the art of maneuver and compromise, of bellowing and bartering and getting even, and joined the ranks of the Senate's great leaders and tacticians (Henry Cabot Lodge, Richard Russell, Lyndon Johnson.)"


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What does this have to do with the JFK assassination?


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