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Head Games --- The deliberate and fraudulent coverup of President Kennedy's head wound -- Conclusion

Gil Jesus

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The wound test

"This particular skull blew out the right side in a manner very similar to the wounds of the President..." ( Testimony of Alfred Olivier, 5 H 89 )

More lies. The right side of the test skull referred to looked nothing like JFK's lateral xray.


It looked nothing like the right side of JFK's head in the autopsy photos.



Dr. Olivier blamed this difference on not having the "limiting scalp" holding the bone in place or the test. ( ibid. ) But if one or any of the controls in an experiment is faulty ( i.e. the gelatin/goat skin couldn't hold the bone in place ), the experiment itself becomes worthless and proves nothing.

Dr. Olivier replicated the scalp by an elaborate method of coating the skull with gelatin and trimming it down to the thickness of the tissues overlying the skull. He then covered it with a goat skin to replicate the scalp. ( 5 H 88 )

This was the way they tested damage on skulls.

Commission Exhibit 860 is the skull is the same skull shown in Exhibit CE 861, albeit with the goat skin attached. It appears that the whole side of the skull was blown out without any damage to the goat skin.


It also appears that the remaining cavity caused by the loss of skull bone is easily detected by the naked eye.


This shows that the gelatin/goat skin combination was "limiting" enough to keep the goat skin on the skull and without any visual damage to the skin. The test also indicates that there was less fragmentation of the skull than is shown in the xray. In the xray, there is massive fragmentation of the rear and the top of the skull.

If the test proved anything, it proved that a shot hitting the skull from behind inflicted a wound quite different from the wound showed in the xrays and photographs. There was no little flap of skull opened on the right side of the head as there was in the autopsy photo. Instead, the whole right side of the skull was blown off. And the fragmentation of the skull was different from that of the xray.

But the Commission's presentation of the xrays as evidence had its own problems.

The Xray problems

Among the problems critics had with the xrays was that missing skull fragments show up in the lateral xray even though they arrived at Bethesda after the skull xrays had been taken.

It's documented that the skull fragments arrived "late during the autopsy", yet the lateral xray, taken before the autopsy began, shows the missing bone intact.

Another problem was that the lateral xray showed a massive wound in the front of the skull above the right eye, not seen on any of the autopsy photos.



The Warren Commission never published the autopsy photographs and Xrays, so the task of authenticating them fell on the House Select Committee on Assassinations.
Normally, you would think, that the best person to authenticate the Xrays would have been the person responsible for taking them.
But we're talking about the United States Government here. So what they did was to go to an outside source who compared the autopsy Xrays to Xrays in Kennedy's medical history and determined that, yes, the Xrays were of the same person. And that person was John F. Kennedy.
The man who took them at the autopsy, Jerrol Custer, was never asked to authenticate the xrays in evidence as the ones he took. And there's a reason for that:




Another strange tactic used by the HSCA was to publish the skull xrays with the teeth cropped out.




The HSCA published Xrays of the teeth, but separately from the skull Xrays. The expert who identified the teeth was Dr. Lowell Levine a forensic odontologist experienced in the identification of victims of unnatural death. ( 7 HSCA 39 )
His method involved comparing dental and sinus Xrays of the President taken between 1960 and 1962 and obtained from the Kennedy Library to those taken at the autopsy.
The problem I have with it is that the Committee only published photos of the dental and sinus Xrays received from the Kennedy Library.




It did not publish photos of the autopsy Xrays nor did it show any side-by-side comparisons of the two.
As you can imagine, this lack of transparency creates more questions then it answers.
If this was an act of deception by the HSCA, it didn't end there.


The HSCA lies
Among the lies that the House Select Committee withheld from the public was that the autopsy doctors agreed with the Dallas doctors that there was a massive wound at the rear of the President's head. Not only did the Committee not publish the autopsy doctors' location of the head wound, they did not allow the Parkland doctors to view the autopsy photographs and x-rays.


This suppression and omission of evidence is at the least troubling, at the most conspiratorial proof of a coverup.

The Committee also offered several drawings from professional medical artist Ida Dox, including one that depicted the President's head being shot from behind with the top of his head blowing off and an exit in the front of his skull.


No witness who saw the President's head wound ever described the head wound as depicted in this drawing.

The autopsy photographs and xrays do not support any bone loss at the top of the head.

The Committee never went after descrepancies in the official record, like Dr. Humes' description of an entry wound in the back of the neck and the same wound being described in the Sibert/O'Neill report as being located "below the top of the shoulders". ( ARRB, MD 44, pg. 5 ) It heard from Navy photographer Robert Knudsen, ( ARRB MD 135 ) but never asked him if there had been different versions of autopsy photographs.

It also heard from autopsy witnesses Boyers, Riebe and Custer. It interviewed Paul O'Connor, James Curtis Jenkins and mortician Tom Robinson. In spite of the accounts of all these witnesses, the Committee concluded that there was no evidence that President Kennedy had been shot from the front.

In short, the HSCA avoided investigating the crime properly. Whether or not this was by design is not clear, but for all its work and time spent, it was an effort in futility.


These many years later, the Crime of the 20th Century has still not been satisfactorily closed. The Warren Commission's investigation of the crime began with a forgone conclusion and as such, was actually not an investigation at all but a gathering of evidence to prove one individual was guilty.

In order to achieve that narrative, it had to ignore witnesses who had evidence to the contrary. It had to falsely report what witnesses said and physical evidence that proved the suspect was innocent simply vanished into thin air.

The House Select Committee's investigation was no more a success in finding the truth. Like the Warren Commission, it too started with a forgone conclusion that organized crime was behind the assassination. Sadly, it was less an investigation than it was a stage show.

In the end, it concluded that the President was probably killed as a result of a conspiracy that involved Oswald. But it failed to name his co-conspirators and to bring indictments against them.

The release of records by the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s revealed that, like the Warren Commission, the HSCA suppressed testimony and failed to pursue evidence that was presented to it.

Evidence from witnesses like James Chaney, one of the Dallas motorcycle officers who flanked the right rear of the Presidential limousine. In an interview right after the assassination, he said that he saw the President struck "in the face".


Neither the Warren Commission nor the House Select Committee ever called James Chaney.

Perhaps the most damaging testimony to the authenticity of the autopsy photos was that of Saundra Kay Spencer, the Naval Photographic Center technician who developed the autopsy photos.

She told the ARRB that the autopsy photos in the National Archives were not the autopsy photos she processed. She testified that the images in the photos were not the same, the backgrounds were different, there were no photos of the autopsists taking measurements and the paper used for the Archives' photos is not the same paper she used at NPC in 1963. ( ARRB testimony of Saundra Kay Spencer, 6-5-97 )

Equally interesting was the revelation by Xray tech Jerrol Custer that his superior, Dr. John Ebersol told him that a "bust" was being prepared of JFK. ( ARRB testimony of Jerrol Custer, 10.28.97, pg. 144 )

Was this "bust" superimposed on the real autopsy photo to create the "Superior" photos ?




There's an old saying that, "the government cannot investigate itself". Two Federal "investigations" into the assassination of President Kennedy have produced no level of satisfactory closure.

There were many tragedies that came from this assassination. The President was dead and his family destroyed. His wife was a widow and his kids fatherless. His brother never recovered from his loss.

There was the similar tragedy of the Oswald family, leaving Marina Oswald a widow and her kids growing up in someone else's house. And the stigma of being related to a man who history says killed the President of the United States.

Then there are the tragedies of the 58,000 American families who lost a loved one in Vietnam, a war Kennedy was preparing to pull out of.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that something else died that Friday afternoon in November : the truth.

Over the years, many Americans have lost trust in what their govenment says. And the government has earned that distrust. It all began here, with the lie that one man, firing from behind, killed a President he admired for no apparent reason.

We may never know for sure WHO was behind the assassination. People have their theories, of course.

But what we CAN do is to expose the original "investigation" for what it was--- a fraud.

An attempt to satisfy the public that "Oswald was the sole assassin, that he had no confederates who are still at large, and the evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial."

To this end, the government institutions which we trust failed us. The FBI never conducted a normal homicide investigation but rather collected evidence against one man.

The Secret Service, who was responsible for the President's life, played a major role in the coverup of his assassination. It removed the President's body from Texas illegally. It harassed the Parkland witnesses and controlled evidence like the President's limo, the President's corpse and the autopsy photos and Xrays.

The US Military played a role in the coverup as well, choosing inexperienced administrators to perform the most important autopsy of the 20th century, administrators they could control and keep silent.


Only when we have the courage to look into the darkness and expose its evil can we be sure that this will never ever happen again. And while there are some who are afraid to look into that darkness for fear of what they may see, there are still those of us brave enough to to bring to light how the hate of the security apparatus for President Kennedy allowed the assassination and the lies they perpetrated in order to cover up their complicity.

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