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Judyth Vary Baker and Stephen Roy

Judyth Baker

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I'm not sure. I haven't run into that acronym before. And there are a zillion similar sounding ones.

A CAP member like Joe Biles may correct me, but I understand that the Civil Air Patrol frowned on real flight training being given to cadets, even though many of the "seniors" did train cadets to fly.

(FYI, Dave Ferrie trained MANY people, including CAP cadets, to fly between 1945 and 1965, but he never actually got his instructor's ticket until 1965!!!)

I presume Curry was too old to have been in CAP (14-18) in the 40s. I don't have an answer.

Just a note on CAP in Minnesota in the 80's, cadets here were given flight training.


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Why don't we take a moment to re-orient ourselves to some of the actual issues at NID 2000 regarding Judyth Baker and the LHO/NO panel. I did not attend so am discussing this based on my current understanding of what took place.

Although nobody disputes the fact that Judyth was a witness to LHO in NO, she was not part of the Lancer panel on that subject. In addition, though none of the panelists were instructed not to mention her or her statements, nothing was said about her during the presentations. A question or comment was made during the Q&A.

In addition, nobody denies the fact that Judyth has first-hand information about LHO and NO, whereas the NID panelists, who have researched the subject, did not.

So we are left with the fact that the LHO/NO panel, while they had an opportunity to include information and statements about a witness, chose instead to share with the community their information, which was second-hand information and consider that 'new' research.

Pamela :o

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One of the problems with “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” is that it is full of coincidences. There are two Judyth Vary Bakers in this story. However, they are not the same woman. It seems that for some unknown reason, in 1972 someone was impersonating the Judyth Vary Bakers that we all know.

There are also two other troublesome coincidences in the book. Ed was going out with a girl who apparently was living in an apartment that was formerly used by David Ferrie as a scientific laboratory.

Ed leaves the entertainment industry in 1980 and goes into advertising. It turns out that one of his company’s prospective clients is Ed Butler who conveniently shows him Gary Banister’s files.

There is a lot to like about this book but at times it does expect the reader to believe in the importance of coincidence in such an investigation.

Ed had earlier joined the forum with the intention of answering questions about his book. He has been made aware of this thread but has so far avoided joining in this debate.

I would like to question him about the use of Judyth Vary Baker as a source. I can see why he was tempted to use Baker as it helps supports the idea that Dr. Mary Sherman was involved in secret research into cancer. In fact, without this evidence, this story is pure speculation.

In the Appendix, Ed allows Baker to tell her story of being in New Orleans working for Sherman. However, this is a different version to the one she told in 1999 and on this forum in 2004. In Ed’s book she does not explain the work she was doing with Sherman. This gives the impression that she is supporting Ed’s theory that Sherman was involved in carrying out secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40.

However, in her original account, Baker said she was working on an US intelligence covert project attempting to develop a cancer virus to kill Fidel Castro. As late as 19th September 2004 she told forum members that “I am a witness. I knew Lee Harvey Oswald and met a number of his associates, including Guy Banister, David W. Ferrie, Dr. Mary Sherman. I shook Clay Shaw's hand and was introduced to Carlos Marcello. I have living witnesses backing this up, and also saved evidence from 1963. I was trained to become a doctor specializing in cancer research, but my career was cut short due to my involvement with Lee. I was engaged in a project to try to assassinate Castro and once dated Castro's Minister of Finances son, Tony Lopez Fresquet. I was just a young girl, who resembled Marina Oswald and who fell in love with Lee.”

Baker never told us anything about secret research into developing a vaccine to prevent an epidemic of soft-tissue cancers caused by polio vaccine contaminated with SV-40. However, I expect this will be her story in the future.

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