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jfk turns his head to his right at about the same time as he is under the overhead signals -- ie at about pseudo Z085.

Then later he seems to turn his head to his right even moreso -- this is at about pseudo Z108 -- & could be a reaction to some lead fragments (from Oswald's shot-1 ricocheting off the overhead signal arm) hitting jfk in the back right top of jfk's head at about pseudo Z105.

But i would expect a reaction from jfk at say 0.25 seconds -- which is say 4 or 5 Zapruder frames after Z105 -- which would be at pseudo Z109-Z110.

So, i think that jfk's initial head turn duznt have anything to do with Oswald's shot-1 at pseudo Z105.

And his later extra head turn is unlikely to have anything to do with Oswald's shot-1.

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