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Looking for info on some names

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Okay, so I ran across RIF#104-10161-10465.  The latest version of this intrigues me.  This doc is from 26 Sept 1955.    

Brig. Gen. Carson A Roberts ( of the Marine Corps ) asks the CIA for permission to be in contact with 4 of their employees.  These guys were all in TSS/WAD and they want to talk about Marine equipment. 

1.) Preston L Sutphen -  Pres of the Electric Boat Co, later a division of General Dynamics. During WWII general manager of Elco Works which made PT boats. Died May 8, 1974. Was Chief of the CIA's Commercial Division.

2.) Karl Goldsmith Hensel - A Navy Rear Admiral.

3.) Jullian Wilcox - ?

4.) Leo B Blocker - ?

And I cannot find any info on Wilcox or Blocker.  They are most likely dead by now. If they were 18 in 1955 they'd be 86 years old now.  If anyone can find any info I want to know where you got it from.  So, cite a RIF#, book title, author, and page, newspaper date and page, etc.  Please Do Not Use any AI source.  The first two were serious, high level guys.  The next two guys zip, nothing on 'em.  They were hiding these names for more than 68 years.  



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Thank you very much.

And Col. Julian P. Wilcox was in the Marines from 1905 to 1935.  He then retired as a Lt. Colonel and advanced to Colonel in retirement.  He was recalled to active duty in WWII and retired again sometime in 1942.  He was the CO of the USS New York and the squadron intelligence officer.  He was there for the surrender of the German Imperial Navy at Scapa Flow in 1918.  The Germans deliberately sank some of their ships there rather than properly surrender them.  

So, these were really interesting men who lived interesting lives.  What a crime to history all this needless secrecy is.  


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