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‘History’ of CIA at checkout stand

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Strangely, I saw this booklet at the checkout counter at Target today. These types of special topic books are usually reserved for boomer rock star bios - and expensive for the paltry info they provide (this one is $17).

I briefly perused it and found that much of the copy was fairly honest and critical of the CIA’s unaccountable adventurism over the decades.

Of course I looked for any mention of JFK’s relationship with the agency and below was all I found. A bit about the Bay of Pigs - rightly blaming the CIA for the failed invasion - but then wrongly blaming all the crazy Castro assassination attempts on the Kennedy’s.

Nothing on the agency’s ongoing coverup of the JFKA case.

This is about as ‘popular’ popular history gets and what gets embedded in the public mind. So the ‘History’ Channel failed miserably on getting the facts out on the CIA’s many still unexplained connections to the JFKA.

But the fact HC and retailers think the public is interested enough in the agency’s shenanigans to put a brief history at the checkout stand might be a good sign overall. That history has yet to be fully told or understood as we all know.IMG_8082.jpeg.70ea087d251f37e966d642dfcfaab0fe.jpegIMG_8083.jpeg.57dd0e72486bc0147e1576d733db18ce.jpegIMG_8084.jpeg.63fe802e49d2fb1b7a17f93d27e96a29.jpeg




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