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  1. Big time problem with my math. That’s why I should learn my lesson and stay away from it altogether! I had this figured out at some point. But looking at Zfilm frame 289 it appears Connally is still unhurt. Hard to tell in the next few frames but by frame 294 he definitely appears in distress. So if we say he’s hit in 292 that means 21 frames until 313, so just a hair over one second. https://www.assassinationresearch.com/v2n2/zfilm/zframe289.html
  2. It could also have been the wind - there seems to have been a slight breeze that day and a minor gust could’ve swirled through the plaza with all that activity. Either way, it’s immaterial to the fact that Zapruder not only confirms the Connally’s story but also the sequence of the last two shots. The majority of witnesses - from Robert MacNeil to Wesley Frazier - said the last two shots were almost simultaneous. Connally appears to be in hit by 229. JFK’s head shot is at 313. The Z film runs 18 frames per second, proving JFK was hit less than a second after Connally. Case for conspiracy closed. Whodunnit? That’s obvious to me as well - the CIA spooks who lied and covered up evidence for decades: Phillips, Helms, Angleton, Harvey, Morales. Motive, means, opportunity and plenty of incriminating evidence.
  3. The key for me is in 224 Connally clearly has not been hit while JFK clearly has, exactly as Connally recounted from his hospital bed at Parkland until his death, supported by his wife as well. That alone demolishes the WC and the lone nut theory. It was a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt for me.
  4. Here’s the update from Ben: Verily, after getting the nod from Blakey on 8/12, and being asked by him to draft up an op-ed, I did so. I presented Blakey with two versions on 8/22. One version I wrote, and one version had additions by Mark E. Adamczyk, a lawyer with experience and interest in the issue. I sent a follow-on note to Blakey on 9/2. So far, no response from Blakey.
  5. Not sure it went farther than this. Blakey wanted someone to write a first draft:
  6. I think Ben Cole was in conversation with Robert Blakey on an oped.
  7. He’s declassifying 9-11 docs. Might be a good sign: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/biden-orders-declassification-reviews-documents-related-sept-11-2021-09-03/
  8. Great post, Ben, that makes the correct point in my view that Dealey was put together by professional tricksters so nothing can be taken at face value. The fact that the shooters could make the ‘mistake’ of firing a dirty weapon that would give away their location seems Iike a prime one to reconsider to me. Like Dylan sang: The day they blew out the brains of the kingThousands were watchin', no one saw a thingIt happened so quickly, so quick, by surpriseRight there in front of everyone's eyesGreatest magic trick ever under the sunPerfectly executed, skillfully done
  9. That’s the name of the game. In PR we tell our clients it’s called ‘earned media’ for a reason. Very difficult but very valuable too. Hope someone accepts the article. Yeah it’s amazing the USG got the American public to overlook that the testimony of the other guy shot in the limo completely contradicts the WC and its single bullet BS. Oh and he also happens to be the governor of Texas. It’s like when they accepted the testimony of Ruby over reporter Seth Kantor who saw him at Parkland. That’s some major propaganda achievement.
  10. And the three shots hitting 3 times is confirmed by two of the car’s occupants - the Connally’s their entire lives. And it was also the preferred shot sequence put forth by the FBI two weeks after the assassination initially embraced by the WC until Tague’s story got publicity. I believe Tague was hit by debris from a first missed shot that JFK reacts to as well as the little girl in the white sweater running towards the limo in Z-film but less people heard it. In any case, with your earlier post about the bullet entry into Connally’s coat resembling the entry in JFK’s, case closed on conspiracy for me - there were at least two shooters. It’s obvious (now). People understandably focused on JFK’s back and the left reaction to the head shot, but everyone overlooked the obvious when Z-film was finally released - Connally is unharmed as he turns to check on the president, just like he said he was.
  11. If you conclude that the assassination was overseen by spooks with their smoke and mirrors, well, here’s your literal smoke. Mirrors might include the Oswald double seen fleeing the scene in the Nash Rambler.
  12. Appreciate your comments, Ben. I write all day everyday for tech (now for quantum computing). So applying it to a passion like JFKA comes naturally. Just not sure what’s more complicated - quantum physics or JFKA
  13. If Caroline ever made a statement in support of full release, Biden would do it. Period.
  14. Great work on getting Blakey involved, Ben and Lawrence. I honestly believe the reason this case hasn’t been solved is because of not doing the necessary PR best practices on the conspiracy research side. CIA played it better than us. And tbh, we’re starting late on this considering the decision is in October. Guarantee you CIA and FBI have already been lobbying Biden admin for continued obstruction. FYI, I reached out to Blakey a couple of years ago regarding this Medium post I wrote below and he wrote back: “I read your piece with great interest. Sadly, I don’t think anything will come of it in our lifetime.“ I included his reaction in the piece. https://medium.com/@macgiollarua/a-jfk-assassination-question-that-still-requires-an-answer-377267b73309
  15. Saw part 4 and part 1. Can’t say the truth isn’t out there when Jeff Morley gets the majority of airtime. I think Fox sees this as a way to hurt Biden. There’s a general consensus he won’t do the right thing in releasing the files.
  16. Somehow ended up watching Part 4 and then Part 1. Very well done. You and Oliver are heavily featured in Part 4. Pretty damning stuff with no real attempt by Fox to sugarcoat or downplay it. Jefferson Morley was the most prominent in the two episodes I watched. I’m amazed they gave him that much airtime. His take is also extremely damning against the government.
  17. Yes even a broken clock is right twice a day. They were the only major cable network I’ve seen cover Jefferson Morley’s damning revelations on Joannides, for instance. Doesn’t excuse their irresponsible programming on other fronts, but they seem to present JFKA in a more open way than CNN. When you look at JFKA media history, it was really the bastions of ‘liberal media’ in their day - NY Times and CBS - that immediately shutdown any speculation the official story could be wrong. As an aside, Oliver is really doing one helluva job out there regarding JFKA. He’s on fire. And the great/sad part is, I suspect he’s absolutely correct.
  18. Compared to the other cable news outlets, Fox has done more to cover a possible conspiracy than the others. I have found that liberals (of which I consider myself one) tend to be more hostile regarding a JFKA conspiracy than conservatives. And liberals tend to misrepresent and discount JFK’s progressive leadership as well. Looking forward to seeing the interview.
  19. Just saw in your bio you are journalist, so not sure you needed any of my advice above.
  20. Thanks, Ben. Have you approached media before with a JFKA story? Other than Salon, it's almost in granite that they will either fear it or not believe it. Remember, the media need to protect their reputations. They can't look foolish or gullible or publish something someone else proves is a fabrication. Always good to offer someone with official credentials of some kind - either you or someone you quote - that can provide credibility. Could be someone in forensics, law enforcement or a former federal JFKA investigator who agrees with you. TBH, that didn't help either when HSCA Chief Counsel Robert Blakey posted his letter saying how he couldn't trust the CIA on anything they provided him during the investigation. That should've got major news across the land but it didn’t. I actually had some good convos with this USA Today writer who I thought did a great job with this story: https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/11/21/jfk-spy-cuba-new-york-times-crozier/2425360001/ But he never moved on an update. I think the keys to generate interest are: Don't overreach. Just state what you can prove. To me, you don't have to prove who did it. But I think your article proves a conspiracy did happen, according to the framework created by the WC itself. No magic bullet = conspiracy. Have a hook. Putting a compelling angle on the research might be of interest. Always good to ask it in a question, e.g. "Was the answer to the JFKA conspiracy question always right in front of us?" Or “Can a Tiny Hole in a Coat Unravel the Mystery of JFKA?” That means the media's not responsible for proving anything - you're just raising the question. Not sure if any of this helps or even if you wanted it but thought I’d share some ideas.
  21. Yeah, like many before me I’d like to know who the ‘intellectual author’ was behind the assassination. But the key to getting there I think is to truly convince the public there was a conspiracy. The govt avoided that at all costs because there would’ve been mobs with torches at their doors. That’s the best explanation I can think of for the massive, deliberate coverup.
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