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Morley: MFF v. Biden

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just FYI, no comment. 

MFF v. Biden Heads to Trial

There's only one group fighting the Biden-CIA edict on JFK assassination files.

JUL 22
Mary Ferrell, the first JFK archivist

The Mary Ferrell Foundation has won its day in court, which is why you should consider supporting the group with a donation.

On July 14 Judge Richard Seeborg issued his first—but not last—ruling on the foundation’s lawsuit against President Biden and the National Archives for failure to enforce the JFK Records Act. Seeborg’s 17-page decision dismissed three counts of the foundation’s lawsuit while rejecting Justice Department motions to dismiss three others. 

The ruling means the foundation’s lawyers can litigate for 

—immediate disclosure of all records generate by the Senate’s Church Committee and the House Select Committee on Assassination;

—a federal investigation of the Secret Service’s destruction of JFK files in 1995; and 

—overhaul of the Archives’ dysfunctional finding aid to the JFK Records Collection. 

The Foundation is the only organization fighting Biden’s June 30 edict on JFK Records and its reliance on an ill-named CIA “Transparency Plan.” 

The Foundation’s legal campaign has received positive coverage from the New York Times, CBS News, NBC News, CNN, Fox News, NewsMax, NewsNation and other national publication across the political spectrum.

With Judge Seeborg’s ruling, the foundation’s lawyers, Bill Simpich and Larry Schnapf, are preparing for the next round of litigation, involving discovery and negotiations with the Archives.

Who Was Mary Ferrell?

Mary Ferrell, a Dallas legal secretary, was the first JFK assassination archivist who collected invaluable information, documents and testimony related to the events of November 1963. She was not a “conspiracy theorist” but an assiduous fact gatherer and a generous networker. Her legacy lives on at MaryFerrell.org, the largest collection of searchable JFK files on the internet.

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30 minutes ago, Joseph Backes said:

Well, they had a partial victory.  That any of this is going forward is a miracle.  

Stay tuned.  Lots of work is going on.



Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. 

I mean, if you can show any media coverage of this...

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