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Has anybody else noticed that the Political Discussions forum is being visited and contributed to more often that it used to be?

As a forum administrator, I have added a new feature that will make it easier for some members to go to that forum and back. It works similar to the way the Water Cooler links work.

At the very top of the main JFK Assassination Debate page, just above the Water Cooler thread, is a new thread called QUICK LINKS. Here is what it looks like when clicked:




If you click Political Discussions, you go straight there.

Once you're finished there, you can return by clicking the QUICK LINKS thread posted there. This is what you'll see:




Hope you like it!

(Don't ever say the Admin Team doesn't love you!)


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1 hour ago, Sandy Larsen said:



Few people read EF-JFKA. Even fewer go to offsite links to read political discussions. I never look at offsite political discussions, which appear dominated by anti-Trump juvenalia. Also, assertions that RFK Jr. supporters are secretly Nazis. 

Discussions about RFK Jr. and Op Mock ops against his campaign belong inside EF-JFKA. 



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