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Where is this photo?

Ryan Crowe

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Where is the unpublished photo of Oswald with the Cubans?

The Miami News

February 18, 1967

Kennedy Murder 'Plot' Probe Shifts to Miami Cuban Area

By Bill Barry

Somewhere in Miami's Cuban colony today, Bernardo Torres is probably a little


For the past month or so he has been helping detectives from New Orleans look

for an old friend of his. They told him that his old friend was wanted for

questioning in a criminal investigation.

Torres got nearly $600 for his help.

He could not lead the detectives to his old friend.

Today Bernardo Torres probably realizes the detectives want his old friend

because they think he knows who planned the assassination of President John F.


At least 13 investigators from the Orleans Parish District Attorney's office

have come to Miami in the past three months, seeking Torres' friend. They have

a picture which allegedly shows Lee Harvey Oswald in a comradely pose with a

group of Cubans, one of whom is Bernardo's friend.

A New Orleans source says that Jim Garrison the D.A. began his investigation

into the assassination because of tips from a private investigator. Garrison

will not say why he is investigating, nor even confirm that he is. He was one

of the investigators that came to Miami, and has spent more than $8,000 -most

of it last month- in the investigation.

The New Orleans States-Item reported yesterday that Garrison is investigating

"the possibility of a well-organized assassination plot in which New Orleans

and New Orleans residents were somehow directly involved.."

Emilio Santana used to be a New Orleans resident. He is not Torres' old

friend. Now he lives in Miami. Once he was a commercial fisherman. He is a

convicted burglar. He was told that if he did not go to New Orleans voluntarily

and answer questions raised in the investigation, he would be extradicted. He

went on Feb. 8th, and again on the 13th.

Garrison's men got the reputation of going through the Cuban colony here like

bulls in a china shop.

Maybe that's why Bernardo Torres' friend was able to keep one jump ahead of

them until he disappeared completely in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Miami Herald

February 20th, 1967

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Hi Ryan,

Given the 1967 publishing date of the article and the fact that Garrison was hot on this guy's tail, I think it may be referring to Manuel Garcia Gonzalez. There was also talk that this guy was filmed when Oswald was handing out leaflets in New Orleans but I may be wrong there.

I had never heard of the photo showing Oswald posing with the Cubans before. I guess if Gonzalez was present, that would be interesting indeed.

Gonzalez below.


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