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VCR ALERT: Conspiracy? JFK

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Sat, January 22, 7-8pm ET/PT

Conspiracy? Jack Ruby.

On November 24, 1963, a stunned America struggled to accept the

assassination of President John F. Kennedy two days earlier. As tens

of millions stared at their televisions that Sunday morning, they

witnessed TV's first live murder--the killing of assassination suspect

Lee Harvey Oswald by Dallas strip-club owner Jack Ruby. What was seen

for 47 hours as an isolated tragedy became one of the most notable

suspected conspiracies in U.S. history. And while the Warren

Commission claimed that Oswald and Ruby both acted alone, the House

Select Committee on Assassinations concluded in 1979 that JFK's murder

most likely resulted from a conspiracy. Now, a new development has

shaken both sides of the conspiracy controversy. Recently revealed

evidence suggests the CIA may have been tracking Oswald and indicates

a possible link among anti-Castro Cubans, Carlos Marcello, Ruby,

Oswald, and the CIA.

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