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Will 2024 Bring Us Any New JFKA Revelations Of Meaningful Substance?

Joe Bauer

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I sure hope so.

Will Tucker Carlson finally reveal his JFKA truth source?

Will some time traveling ability remote viewer of impeccable credentials see who was really in the 6th floor window and/or nefarious others in Dealey Plaza at the moment of murder?

Will another former SS, FBI or even CIA agent come forward as Paul Landis did this past year? Perhaps offering a death bed confession of some bomb shell significance?

Will RFK Jr. be given some credible secret evidence regards who did his father and uncle that will rock the nation and propel his 2024 candidacy into serious contention?

Will Judyth Vary Baker come up with rock solid physical evidence that proves much more of her Oswald love affair story as being true?

Will someone leak the psychiatric records of LBJ in his last days of Texas ranch home confinement due to his end-of-life mental breakdown?

Maybe someone related to someone on the inside of the 1963 Dallas PD will reveal that Jack Ruby was helped in getting inside the DPD basement area just before Oswald was paraded through it?

Maybe some new Roscoe White revelation? 

Will Sylvia Odio and her sister Anna's Oswald sighting be unequivocally proven to be true?

What say you my fellow JFKA forum soothsayers?


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One hope I harbor is that someone is able to run certain suspect character photo's through a modern "facial recognition" system of analysis to reveal some bombshell truth of conspiracy.

Like the New Orleans Oswald flyer photo in front of the Trademart.

Which I believe shows Oswald's future TXSBD supervisor Bill Shelley in the photo..

And maybe Rapheal Cruz Sr. ( Senator Ted Cruz's father ) as well?

Same with the Dealey Plaza bystander photo which looks to me to be Rip Robertson?

MSNBC political talk show host Chris Hayes just days ago interviewed the writer of the new book...Sedition Hunters: How January 6th Broke... Ryan J. Rielly.

Hayes remarked about the remarkable success of facial recognition technology in identifying many of the persons filmed in the Capital Building during the insurrection.

Even doing so with suspects who wore partial face covering masks and caps.

Author Reilly further promoted Hayes's assessment and said facial recognition technology has advanced greatly and is now "very, very good" in it's abilities to  provide high percentage accuracy results.

If we could find just "one" high level covert character as present in Dealey Plaza at 12:30 PM on 11,22,1963 through facial recognition technology, folks it would be JFKA truth paradigm shifting.

Even perhaps other important characters around leaflet passing Lee H. Oswald in New Orleans the summer of 1963?

Look, we already have a photo of young Lee Oswald in a Youth Civil Air Patrol outing group photo with David Ferrie.

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