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"JFK" Named as 1/10 Movies That "Changed the World"/JFK Records Act

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From article: 

"Oliver Stone wrote that he made JFK "as a metaphor for all those doubts, suspicions and unanswered questions." Of course, he was referring to the dozens of widely believed conspiracy theories that try to unravel the mysterious tragedy. Stone was trying to say that JFK was not a historical movie but a thrilling combination of all the different possibilities that may have developed that day, casting a shadow over the government's version of events.

Thus, JFK popularized a version of the events in which the US Government and its many agencies conspired to murder the President and then hide the evidence. The final report of the Assassination Records Review Board recognized JFK's influence in the passage of the JFK Act, promising to gradually declassify documents regarding the case. This served to pour cold water on the conspiracy theorists' dreams, for a while at least."



Well, this article is more disaster than accomplishment, with "JFK" linked to such films as "Top Gun," in terms of importance. Well, that is Hollywood for you. 

And how on earth did the release of some (not all, as we know) JFK Records---thanks to Oliver Stone film, in part---"pour cold water" on conspiracy theorists' dreams?  It has been precisely the opposite. 

Perhaps elements within in the Biden Administration provided editorial assistance on this article.  

Still, nice to see "JFK" noted. A landmark film. 

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