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One of the moderators recently nominated Jonathan Cohen to be placed on probation. The reasons include excessive violation of forum rules and "troll-like behavior." Regarding the latter, we have noticed that Jonathan is quick to criticize others' beliefs, but usually does so without offering any argument whatsoever to support his claim. This behavior adds nothing of value to the discussion and serves only to disrupt it.

The moderators voted on this issue and the decision was made to place Jonathan on probation.

This is a consensus decision among the moderators, based on reports from forum members and review of Jonathan's repetitive argumentative comments with them, and with moderators regarding forum rules and decorum.

Jonathan is hereby put on notice that he risks being banned from the forum if he continues excessively violating forum rules or exhibiting "troll-like behavior," as described above.

Note: If a member occasionally comments that he disagrees with another member's opinion, that would NOT be considered to be trolling.

The moderators are locking this thread from member discussion. Nowhere in the rules does it state that The Education Forum is a democracy. Members agree to abide by the forum rules when they join. When rules are modified, continued participation implies an agreement to continue following the rules.


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