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Richard Bissell Supported JFK

Tim Gratz

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John had written a very perceptive commentary on why the Eastern establishment leadership of the CIA, perhaps even including Allen Dulles, supported JFK over Nixon in 1960.

Below is a quotation from a very good book: "The Last Patrician/ Bobby Kennedy and the End of Americamn Aristocracy" by Michael Knox Beran:

By 1960 there was a consensus among the Stimsonians in favor of preserving and indeed expanding the welfare and administrative state. Reformers like Mrs. Roosevelt preferred Stevenson to Jack Kennedy in part because they believed Stevenson to be the more faithful proselyte of the welfare state. The Cold Warriors, like Alsop, and the old imperial proconsuls, like Harriman, came to prefer the leadership of Jack Kennedy, and so did the most influential member of the "Groton clique" in intelligence, Richard Bissell. To these men Kennedy was indeed a "Stevenson with ballls", a man who would make foreign policy exciting again.

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I have long considered the possibility that the "real" conspiracy may have been to elect Kennedy to the office of President of the United States. The U-2 incident, as I have stated in earlier posts, weakened the position of Richard Nixon. Imagine a positive outcome to the Paris Summit in 1960 where the Soviets and the US sign some sort of nuclear treaty vs a U-2 shootdown and the failure of the summit. Is it possible that this was the turning point in history that allowed John F. Kennedy the opportunity to win the election?

After the Kennedy election the problems begin when Oswald decides to return to the US. We have Nosenko making contact with the CIA and Walker's Pro Blue Program. Are these two events tied to Oswald? The timming is! But the assassination could not have been planned before the primaries were complete and the election of 1960 held (therefore I have trouble associating the two events).

If there was a conspiracy to elect Kennedy involving the U-2 and Oswald, it would explain the desire to coverup the facts about Oswald after the assassination. But this would also tell us that if there was a conspiracy to assassinate Kennedy it would require knowledge of Oswald, the U-2 incident and Oswalds proclivity to violence as shown in his attempt on the life of Maj. Gen. Edwin Anderson Walker.

Very few people would have the ability to put all of this information together and have the ability to direct the motorcade past the TSBD. It is my belief that Maxwell Taylor is a subject to be considered as a person that would have knowledge of all these events leading up to the assassination and would understand that the leading figures in the Government of the United States would have a desire/need to coverup the facts.

Jim Root

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