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Mary Moorman Photos

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Hi !

Consecutively to several private messages that I received, from Gary Mack among others, in the hours and days following the update of my Homepage…

…I would like to clarify and explain the reason why I decided to post the page called "Mary Moorman Photos".

This page refers to the way in which Mary was holding her camera when she took the famous Moorman #5.

The valuable explanations Gary Mack sent me by e-mail were added at the bottom of the page in question.

As explained by Gary, The History Channel had nothing to do with the wrong vertical orientation of Mary's camera.

I'm ready to accept that it is a innocent mistake.

But,… this innocent mistake had not been publicly announced to date.

On the other hand, I suspect that Oliver Stone had been misled by this documentary distributed (without corrections) by The History Channel - This could explains why Stone also shows Mary holding her camera vertically in its movie JFK.

Where is the problem ?

Simply, the Moorman's Camera (Polaroid Land Model 80) isn't a Reflex camera. So, the viewfinder is shifted from the lens and therefore one must take account of an important factor induced by the parallax.

As you will see in the illustration hereunder, the vertical shifting varies considerably according to the way in which the camera is held.

This demonstration is intended to avoid new possible controversies regarding the real elevation between Moorman's lens and the ground.

In conclusion, I had modestly posted this page in an educational purpose, this page being mainly addressed to the novices in the field of photography.

(off topic)

As you will learn when the page "Moorman Polaroid Camera" will be finished and posted (including User's manual); The Morman's camera maximum shutter speed was 1/100 sec.

A shutter speed slow, rather intended for portraits or landscapes photographs. Therefore, considering the fairly good sharpness of the Limo and also of the people in background… For me, there is still several unanswered technical interrogations… ;)


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Guest Eugene B. Connolly

Mary Moorman Photos and Polaroid Camera

Hasn't this been well documented,discussed and dissected at length

already on several occasions here and elsewhere?


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I think than the informations hereunder may be useful and interesting for the newcomers or

for those unfamiliar with the photographical characteristics of Polaroid cameras. :unsure:

Before finishing, a very useful link: http://www.rwhirled.com/landlist/landhome.htm ;)

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  • 1 month later...


The page related to Mary Moorman Camera Orientation was updated yesterday.

The last addition is an audio file (Realplayer) - The comments of Jim Fetzer regarding the content of the page in question.

Best regards...

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Thanks Marcel:

No one has ever given us a close up view of the cameras used that day in Dealey..along with all the details and information as you are,not to my knowledge......There has been some written information over the years but not with the complete data, and photos of said Cameras....This work that you have accomplished has been and is much appreciated, by most....

Please continue....and again thanks for all your efforts....

Hope the wee one is doing well and Momma... and you to of course......:up

B ;)

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Thank you very much for your kind words. ;)

There are also two other topics on which I'm working for the moment.

- A complete revue of the Zapruder Camera, especially regarding the frame rate (I disagree with the reports of the FBI and also Zavada.)

- A complete revue of the very cheap camera used by Marina Oswald to take the famous backyard photos. I will perform some tests and also take several photos with two of "Imperial Duo Lens" cameras (CE-750) from my collection.

I hope to complete and post the work for mid-September at the latest. :up

Kind regards from Belgium… ;)

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