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Truth and Consequences

Part III


Truth and Consequences

It should be noted that according to Peter Dale Scott's book Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (pages 214-215), Colonel Philip J. Corso, who appeared in Dateline NBC (6-24-97) as the author of a new book about the Roswell UFO crash, was in 1963 disseminating stories linking Oswald to Russia.

According to Scott, veteran of army intelligence Corso had work with C. D. Jackson (LIFE propagandist) and relayed information stating that "Oswald was tied to a Communist ring inside the CIA". Corso was a right-winger and Shickshinny (Pennsylvania) Knight of Malta who developped an anti-CIA paranoia apparently because he finds it not extreme enough!!!!

I haven't yet read Corso's book, although I will do so shortly. But, having learned that at least one leading ufologist (previously unsympathetic to the Roswell case) takes Corso at least semi-seriously, I decided to do a little preliminary checking.

The previous poster's information is correct. But there's more -- as anyone can confirm, using Scott and his (characteristically exemplary) footnotes as a guide.

Corso has a history of disturbing ties to racists, fascist sympathizers and nutball theories. He had worked with Reinhard Gehlen (formerly Hitler's chief intelligence officer) and the BND in trying to set up terrorist operations within Eastern Europe. Washington considered such schemes risky in the nuclear age, so the plug was pulled. Corso soon counted himself among that weirdo coterie of military intelligence staffers who considered the CIA "soft" on communism, and most likely heavily infiltrated by the KGB.

Similar beliefs were held by Corso's ally, General Charles Willoughby, who had been Douglas MacArthur's intelligence chief. There's a lot of published material on and by WIlloughby, and it's all worth reading. In short, Willoughby was an anti-Semite, and an extremist who saw the world in conspiratorial terms. His politics leaned so far to the extreme Right that one can only wonder why he served on the Allied side during World War II. (MacArthur once called him "My little fascist.")

When Corso left military intelligence in 1963, he became a key aide to Strom Thurmond, who helped lead the pro-segregation crusades of the 1960s. But he did not severe his ties to Willoughby.

Corso also became a leading member of a bizarre organization called the "Shickshinny" Knights of Malta. We had best be careful here; I know that this is the sort of "link" that causes conspiracy buffs of a certain stripe to go into wild conspira-gasms. This organization is apparently a rather ineffectual breakaway from the better-known Knights of Malta. (After Napoleon attacked the island of Malta, the story goes, a number of knights migrated to Russia and joined the Czar's "inner guard;" after the revolution, these staunch White Russians migrated to America -- many going to Shickshinny, PA, hence the name.)

I've seen some literature from these "Knights": To me, they have always seemed more silly than sinister. But one fact deserves our respectful attention: At the time Corso joined the exclusive sect, its leader was one Colonel Charles Thourot Pichel. Pichel was an explicit, undeniable Nazi. During the Third Reich, he had begged Hitler's government for the job of representing Nazi political interests in the United States.

Willoughby had also joined the Shickshinny Knights at this time, and co-published with the organization a periodical called the "Foreign Intelligence Journal." This journal specialized in anti-Semitic theories and the kind of extremist "enemy-within" anti-Communist blather we associate with groups like the John Birch Society. Apparently, this rather odd group had become, in the early 1960s, something of a dumping-ground for military intelligence veterans who were so zealous they had come to consider the CIA hopelessly "pink."

The darling of this Corso's "Knights" was a very strange man named Michael Goliniewsky, whose name pops up in most hitories of the CIA "mole-hunts" of the 1960s. Goliniewsky was a high-ranking Polish intelligence officer who sympathized with "the West," and began feeding information to the CIA. Apparently, his info was rather good at first. The Soviets became suspicious of him, so he had to scuttle off to America quickly.

It soon became apparent to the saner CIA analysts that Goliniewsky was, to put the matter bluntly, out of his mind. He began to claim that he was no less a personage than Prince Alexi, the Czar's son and rightful heir...! Goliniewsky never really explained how he ("Alexi") cured his internal bleeding, or the EXTERNAL bleeding he no doubt underwent at Ekaterinberg. Nor did he explain how the Prince somehow became a leader within the intelligence apparat of a Communist country. (You'd think Polish spooks would do a better background check...)

At any rate, Goliniewsky (like other defectors) caused much mischief by telling dark tales of KGB penetration of both the American and British intelligence services and governments. His claims were baseless, but for a while they did much harm. As is usually the case in these realms, anyone in a Western government's service who espoused anything less than a full-scale attack on the Soviet Union (never mind the nuclear consequences) was damned as a Soviet "penetration agent."

The CIA soon learned not to take Goliniewsky seriously. But his demented world-view fit right in with the ideas held by the Knights, Willoughby, Corso and co. So these "Knights" became the chief propagandists for Goliniewsky in the United States.

I've read a few of Goliniewsky's latter-day screeds -- he used to publish a rag called "Double Eagle." It was filled with wild, quasi-fascistic conspiracy theories, which usually had to do with occult powers driving the inexorable Communist drive to world domination. A lot of what he wrote struck me as thinly-disguised anti-Semitism, making use of the usual euphemisms for "powerful Jews" (e.g., "the Dark Forces," the "International Bankers," and so on).

And THIS was the man Philip Corso once thought possessed the key to understanding world events.

As mentioned by the previous poster, Corso also was instrumental in pushing disinformation about the JFK assassination, labelling Oswald a tool of the alleged "KGB ring" within the United States. (I use the word in its restricted sense, and not, as most internet posters do, merely as a desciptor for any opinion one does not share.)

In brief: What do we know about Philip Corso, the man who now makes such wild claims about what happened "The Day After Roswell"?

He is a right-wing extremist.

He was a close associate of Willoughby, a fascist sympathizer who led an anti-Semitic crusade (and committed many other sins, as well).

He provided tireless help to Strom Thurmond in HIS viciously racist crusade.

He joined an organization led by Pichel, an outright Nazi.

He helped promulgate the claims of Michael Goliniewsky, perhaps the most dubious of all claimants to the Czar's fortune.

During the initial investigation into the JFK assassination, he deliberately lied (there is no other word for it) about Oswald's background.

Is Corso your idea of a credible source on matters ufological? He certainly isn't MINE!


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