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pick2hc@hotmail.com sent me this email a while back. Looks like I messed up with Virginia when the dude was from Mississippi. I will change that! The last reference is fallacious but the rest are valid. Anyone know anything more about this dude?

I have been investigating abit of family history. I had been told by my father that his father (my grandfather) John Daniel Sullivan was an FBI agent and that he had been found dead (suicide) at home from a gunshot. I believe it was 1967 Vicksburg, Mississippi.

After a few google searches, I found a reference to him in some of your work. http://www.ajweberman.com/nodules/nodule11.htm

"John Sullivan, another employee of Mr. Banister's who was also a retired FBI agent from Vicksburg, Virginia. John Sullivan committed suicide shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy."

I also found his name on a German site titled "Mafia, secret services and politics of the USA"


google does a horrible job of translating this page in the link below


I also found a 1978 memo reviewing the Clay Shaw trial investigative material.

Page 5, file drawer 5, file 34. John D. Sullivan - 1961 case



"the report of a discussion concerning the possible hiring of a former FBI agent, John Sullivan of Vicksburg, and a proposal suggesting that the Attorney General's office be requested to stop any further marches in Mississippi by Dr. Martin Luther King and the Southern Leadership Conference"

I am not sure about this one - the guy who runs JFKmurderunsolved.com sent it to me


A: Those maps were pertaining to a gun running operation that was gonna be set up in the Bahamas on a place called Cat Cay, I believe it was, it was known as a staging area. The gentleman that Roselli was talking with had connections with the maritime arm of operations in Cuba which the old raider ship Rex, O'Rourke, some of these operations, Sullivan, I think it was Danny Sullivan, Jim Buchanan and all these. These were the ships, the raider ship known as the Rex, the Violent 3, the Windjammer and the Thor were all raider ships that were sent to carry out sabotage missions through the Florida Straits into Cuba and into other areas including the Dominican Republic.

I am trying to contact my aunt but I am not sure if she is willing to talk about her father. If you have any information or could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.


Jeremy Sullivan

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