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Cuban Raiders

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Purely as a matter of interest, the link below is a PDF file showing a list of Cuban Raiders who were ordered not to embark on any missions. Most of this was for mid 1963.

Curious names include Tony Cuesta and his pal Ramon Font, the Diaz Lanz brothers, Victor Hernandez and his brother, Armando Fleites and Antonio Veciana, and Felipe Vidal Santiago.




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Hi James,

That is a very interesting document,

Here is a question, Why would Castro want to whack JFK when the U.S Govt is telling these guys to stay out of Cuba?? I would think by looking at the dates they were served March-June, assassination plans would be in full swing...

Also wasnt the Bayo run in June of 63? Hmm looks like Morales wasnt listening to anyone who tried to give him orders.....

Thanks for posting this James....

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Hi Ryan,

It is curious that most of these guys who were the more serious of the militant exiles, were given their 'served with notice not to depart' orders in the March and June 1963 period.

And you are right, Bayo's mission was in June of 1963 and even though it was supposedly to secure some Russian officers, it has been alleged that this was a Castro assassinatiom attempt. All the more interesting given that Rip Robertson was along for the ride.

So I guess the question is, how does the Bayo mission fit in with this policy of ordering militant Cubans to sit on their hands, and the supposed olive branch between Washington and Havana?

I guess I am just trying to get a sense of what was being directed from the White House, what was being ordered out of Langley and whether or not JM/WAVE in Miami was listening.


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