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What is Success?

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"A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do." Bob Dylan

I go along with that.

Me too.

Are we assuming that said man is unmarried?

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The Bob Dylan's and the Henry David Thoreau's of the world are good to admire but they are difficult to emulate and call yourself successful.

I have described Dylan's personal views as a type of anarchic individualism. If your version of success does not need strong social ties, he is your guy.

I think we too often (probably not on this site since most are educators) place success in the category of income.

For a quip, I will count myself successful if I earnestly can smile in my death bed or horrific accident that abruptly sends me from this world.

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John you selfish Bastard, stop setting up forums for us to use and spend our time all day on for free, discussing things that happened 40 years ago and furthering our knowledge.

You make me sick

I would have to agree with Mr.Dylan, for me I would love to either make movies, make music or some kind of research to do with the assassination of JFK, does it show that I'm 19?

Im never getting a job, gotta keep on rockin forever.

John 'live forever' geraghty

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In my work life, if I can help my students to express themselves

in a foreign language at the end of the academic year, I consider

myself successful. Of course, the effort spent by the students

plays the most important part in this.

Also, as a foreign language teacher, if I can make at least one elementary level student understand

the difference between the words "accident" and "incident" by saying

"Every accident is an incident but not every incident is an accident.",

I feel quite successful. :lol:

In general, to me, success is being able to make someone smile.

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the result of being here now, that being a result of being there then, and planting good seeds in fertile soil and letting bad fall on barren ground then and now. from darkness to light and from light to light. thus future is created and if it is in harmony with that which is good then there is success. at least a few steps more in the right direction than in the wrong one is success

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