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Questions about Jack Ruby

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I was watching a programme about Jack Ruby last night on the history channel. 'jack Ruby on Trial' it was called. Featured were Posner, Lane, Blakey, Ford and a few other people associated with the case.

I have a few questions and statements about Ruby.

The show names a comedian that had a fight with Oswald in the carousel club and testified to the HSCA that Ruby knew Oswald, do we know more about this man and this episode.

Earl Ruby and his lawyer made a recording of them talking to Ruby at Parkland hospital shortly before he died stating that he didn't know Oswald and that he came down the ramp from the street before killing Oswald. Anybody know anything more about the contents of this tape.

There have been theories that the car horn that sounded before Ruby shot Oswald was a signal, I don't think this to be true, Ruby was already going for Oswald when the horn sounded.

I know Earl Ruby conforms to the official story, has he ever looked at the assassination much? Did he have a good relationship with Jack? Was he involved with organised crime? Is he still alive.

I suppose I would ask the same of Robert Oswald, is he just ignorant of the facts, or does he take the FBIs and govts word at face value.

I believe the programme was shown in Australia a few weeks ago.

A lot of questions,

Any answers?


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Guest Stephen Turner

John. The comedians name was Wally Weston,and the incident was reported by his ex Wife, Bobbie Lou Meserole. She was one of Jack's exotic dancers going under the stage name of "Shari Angel"I will see if I can find out what the supposed fight was over.

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