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Many members are familiar with at least one of the McDonald books. I was rereading the "Appointment in Dallas" book and there was one interesting point.

As most know, McDonald asserts that a man who he states he called Saul, supposedly not knowing his real name, who he identified as the "Mexico City mystery man" was a hired assassin who killed JFK. What is interesting to note first is that Hemming did work with a man named Saul Sague and Hemming states that Sague was the Mexico City mystery man. So there may have been a reason McDonald called him Saul.

McDonald says part of the plan was that Saul was to "take out" Oswald aftre Oswald finished shooting from the TSBD. McDonald says Oswald was lured into what he was told was to be a fake assassination plot. Saul told McDonald he SAW Oswald at the sixth floor window. But given Oswald's spotting on the second floor so soon after the shooting, I find it hard to believe that Oswald was a shooter, whether shooting to miss or not.

Second, as has been discussed previously, Saul told McDonald he heard the sirens of the approaching motorcade and it has apparently been established there were no sirens.

So there are some problems with the book. That being said, however, it is interesting that when Saul met the man who engaged him, a man Saul called "Troit" and the man was explaining the patsy, Saul told McDonald the man refered to Oswald not as Lee Oswald but as Harvey Oswald.

I have not yet been able to afford Armstrong's book "Harvey and Lee" (I think that is the title). Can anyone who has read the book comment on the fact that per Saul 'Troit refered to Oswald as "Harvey Oswald"?

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Armstrong does not cover McDonald or the Saul/Troit story in his book. Lee was the taller, muscular Oswald, and Harvey was the smaller, Russian-speaking Oswald who assumed the larger Oswald's identity, defected, and was shot by Ruby.

The names Harvey and Lee are mainly a convention used by Armstrong to distinguish the two Oswalds, though the smaller Oswald apparently used the name Harvey on occasion. The larger Oswald was known to hate the name Harvey and preferred to be called Lee.


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Ron, but perhaps my question was answered by a post you made in the Lancer Forum.

Was not, per armstrong, Harvey the TSBD employee and thus the designated patsy?

In which case, does it add some credibility to Saul's story that Troit refered to Harvey Oswald (way, way before the "two Oswalds" theory was developed)?

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