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Trento's New Book

Tim Gratz

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I suspect members would enjoy Mr. Trento's latest work: "A Prelude to Terror". The below from amazon.com:

Book Description

After decades of writing and research about American intelligence, Joseph Trento has written the most authoritative indictment of CIA splinter groups, two generations of Bush family involvement in illegal financial networks, and the funding of the agents of terror. Prelude to Terror reveals the history of a corrupt group of spymasters-led by Ted Shackley-who were fired when Jimmy Carter became president, but who maintained their intelligence portfolio and used it to create a private intelligence network. After this rogue group helped engineer Carter's defeat in 1980 and allied with George H.W. Bush, these former CIA men planned and conducted what became the Iran-Contra scandal and, through the Saudis, allied the U.S. with extreme elements in Islam. The CIA's number-one front man, Edwin P. Wilson, was framed by Shackley and his cohorts so that Wilson's operations could be taken over. For the first time the story of how CIA director George H. W. Bush was recruited into this network, and brought it into the bosom of the Saudi royal family, is told in detail, as well as how this group's manipulation of the CIA bureaucracy allowed Osama bin Laden's fundraising to thrive as al Qaeda flourished under Saudi and CIA protection.



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To the contrary, Pat, I am hoping that Bush backers will now decide that since (in their opinion) Trento is correct about Bush he is also probably correct about what happened to Kennedy!

And I will need to read his new book before deciding about it.

But I said from the outset that it was clear from "The Secret History of the CIA" that Mr. Trento is not an apologist for the CIA.

Dawn posted yesterday something about her hunch or intuition. Although I am deeply religious, I am also deeply rational. But I still believe there is something about hunches--that they are sometimes correct. In any event, I remember suspecting or sensing in late 1964 that there might be a connection between the ouster of Khruschev and the assassination of Kennedy. I cannot remember if this was merely my own idea or if someone else had suggested it. But that is one reason why I found the scenario Mr. Trento advances in "The Secret History" so persuasive.

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