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Jim Phelps

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Jim Phelps is from Knoxville, Tennessee and is a second generation to work for the Oak Ridge nuclear plants. He has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and worked at the Oak Ridge National Labratory as Sr. Development Staff person at the height of the Reagan Cold War. He worked in areas such as FEMA-COG and areas close to the highest of Govt. levels.

Jim Phelps has had an interest in the subject of the JFK assassination due to his learning of Oak Ridge's involvement in the Cuban problems and Oak Ridge's hate for JFK in 1963. He knows the public has been lied to by the highest offices of the US Govt. and seeks to provide addition relevant insights into the real motives of highly placed persons that were involved in the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and its ongoing cover-up.

Jim Phelps wants the US Govt. returned to the American People and the values of Justice to serve the American People and not that of those that seek to economically control and manipulate the US Govt. and its people. He does this primarily by being an outspoken Whistleblower on the JFK and Oak Ridge cover-up and other elements of Govt. Abuses of Power.


JFK Conspiracy Facts 101:

1. JFK was Catholic and Southern Masons hated Catholics in 63, especially when JFK called them out in the Secret Society Speech. JFK was working on Peace that would put a lot of Corrupt Masons in Oak Ridge nuclear weapons work, out of work.

2. Oak Ridge National Lab's Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. and Jack Ruby set-up JFK in Dallas for the Chicago Mafia Hit. JFK had been a Mafia target in Chicago on Nov 2 and again in Tampa on Nov 18. Ruby got his home town Italian Mafia Guys to come to Dallas for the Nov 22 set up to kill JFK

3. Corrupt Texas Mason LBJ then set up the "Deep State" Again just as Mason Truman started it with the Japan Nuke Bombings for "Nuclear Diplomacy" moving toward world domination for Imperialism.

Just as Occam's Razor tells---very simple and easy to understand truth for how JFK was killed by Conspiracy.

How simple can it be--let the Mafia do it.

LHO never shot anybody that day, but he was set-up as an Italian Mafia framed up Patsy. Then executed by Corrupt Mafia and ring leader of the JFK hit, Jack Ruby via Oak Ridge National Lab recruitment.

You do not need a large shelf of Books to Solve JFK. It has always been concealed right in front of everyone. Here it is Solved in 3 simple paragraphs for Free, as Oak Ridge has knon that since 11-22-63..



The Grand Finally:
Oak Ridge---The Origin of JFK Hate and
Dallas---The Execution of Oak Ridge JFK Hate.


JFK-100 -- As most know the JFK 100 year Birthday Recognition is coming up on Monday, 29 of May. It is time to really solve the JFK hit.

Most of us have studied about the JFK murder in various ways, but the way that I experienced hearing about it back
 on Nov. 22, 1963 appears to be the best and least complicated method. It is right out of the mouths of the AEC's system.

What I learned on 11-22-63 was Oak Ridge, a Government AEC operation, was caught helping with a Cancer Project in New Orleans to kill Castro Covertly. Today, this is the Judyth Baker "Me and Lee" story, but using the Oak Ridge AEC's science help. We see links to this with the LHO sign-in visit to the AEC's "Atomic Museum". LHO was getting payed from both the CIA and the FBI and likely LHO reported that the Oak Ridge AEC was helping with a CIA's Castro kill project that then tipped off JFK that these operations could cause him serious problems in Russian and Cuba Peace efforts.

Then basically, Oak Ridge sees JFK tearing them into a thousand pieces as the New CIA pick was John McCone, who happened to be a staunch Mason Truman backer. He was also extremely pro nuclear build up to take out the Russians. McCone hated JFK's Atmospheric Test Ban, and JFK considered that his greatest achievement. California's John McCone was the former AEC chair and before that the Truman Asst Sec of Air Force, that set up the anti-Russian forever plans. John McCone was a part of the system that JFK hated, that was the take over of the US from within, via Truman's Masonic Secret Society games for Imperialism. Extremists like John McCone called JFK a Communist over the ATBT and seeking peace with Russia and Cuba. Masonic Harry Truman backing McCone was a more dangerous threat to JFK than Dulles. JFK had picked him for taking on Isreal's Dimona. when he was AEC..

Next, in Oak Ridge we see AEC's ORNL Mason named "Raymond W. Tucker, Sr." calling up Mafia and LBJ connected Jack Ruby to get the guns turned to kill JFK to save their jobs from JFK. AEC's Oak Ridge was very upset with LHO and they needed him killed also. Soon that became the Florida Senator George Smathers Operation Northwoods like method to kil JFK and Frame Patsy LHO to gain a public perceived false flag need for war on Cuba and Russia. Florida's Smathers was part of the Anti-Castro force that grabbed up Florida's Judyth Baker to work the AEC and Alton Oscher plan to kill Castro with radiation and cancer virus being developed in New Orleans. Then, LHO's FBI Mason Guy Banister handler sent LHO Over to Dallas, which is where Jack Ruby can organize the Chicago Mafia, the Big Oil Gang, LBJ's killers into blowing JFK's brains out. What one notices is the JFK hit originally came from Oak Ridge and AEC hate of JFK, as well as calling JFK a Communist..

JFK is dead suddenly in Dallas from multiple Shooters like Chicago's Nicoletti, then CIA's Roselli, then JFK hit man Wallace, and a Chicago new-by named Files. The Chicago gang was set to hit JFK on Nov. 2 there, but JFK was saved by LHO's tip offs. It is rather obvious that Joe Kennedy got the Chicago Mob to elect JFK, then JFK and RFK went after the Mafia, so they were behind a JFK rub out. It is obvious that Chicago born Jack Ruby would pull them into the Dallas plan, as Ruby was the leading AEC arranger for the Dallas JFK hit. Then, as JFK is dead and LHO avoided the instant frame up at TSBD, Jack Ruby had to kill LHO, else the Mob is going to kill Jack Ruby for the screw up that threatened to expose the AEC working with LHO, and Jack Ruby as the AEC's Mafia Arranger.

Jack Ruby then has to claim up, else LBJ's gang or the Mafia will kill him in prison. Next, the Masonic LBJ is told by California's John McCone that Europeans do not believe the LHO Lone Nut Shooter and tells LBJ that some bigger level to cover up the truth. Then California Masonic LBJ backer Mason Earl Warren has to come to help LBJ's massive cover up using a lot of other Masons, Ford, Dulles, Specter, et al, seeded into the Warren Commission.

IN Oak Ridge the JFK Assassination was and is an AEC origin project, just as the Kill Castro with radiation and cancer was an AEC origin project as shown by LHO's AEC Atomic Museum sign-in page with nice FBI Evidence sticker on it.

That is how very simple solving the JFK assassination is for people that know what happened with the AEC connected Masons and CIA in Oak Ridge, Tn.


The Upper Echelon-----"Who set up JFK"---

The Jewish Tough Guy, the Missile Gap, Oak Ridge, and Op Northwoods:


The issue of Operational Prep time was the issue for the Missile Gap. It mattered who could launch first, not how many rockets in number. JFK and others well knew the US had for the moment the operational reediness advantage.

Then along came Oak Ridge that hated JFK, with a Jewish Contact with more that hated JFK. And a rather simple plan to kill JFK and make it look like a Russian sympathizer did it to start the WWIII with Russia.

Curtis LeMay said they could not even shoot back and surrender.  He was extremely mad at JFK for not going for a Russian Nuke attack via the US Gap advantage.

A number of things went wrong in the plan to have LHO shot on the spot on the 6 th floor of TSBD and rush the News shock that a Russian killed JFK news to gain outrage for a US attack on Russia. When LHO did not show up where the plan needed, They lost the surprise element and shock factor.

The threat to dump the "Russian did it" news turned into black mail to leave the plotters alone and nobody wanted nuclear war, but it turned into Oak Ridge building 40,000 + nukes and job security.


The calamity did not stop test launches of the R-16 and the ICBM was deployed in 1962. The Soviets were, however, still having trouble with the weapon in October 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred and Khrushchev had a total of twenty operational ICBMs to the 160 Kennedy possessed. Preparations to fire the R-16 continued to require several hours rather than the thirty minutes Yangel had posited and that was eventually achieved. “Before we get it ready to launch,” Kirill Moskalenko, a ranking Red Army marshal and friend of Khrushchev from Second World War days, warned in the midst of the crisis, “there won’t even be a wet spot left of any of us.”

A terrifying fairy tale called “the missile gap,” which had the Soviets surging ahead of the United States in ICBM capability, was roiling Washington. The controversy was another example of the chr…


Note: "Jewish Tough Guy" is the Mafia's Jack Ruby, aka Jacob Rubenstein.

The "Missile Gap" is the 1963 USA missile advantage over Russia, using operational units and not physical numbers.

"Oak Ridge" is the ORNL Masonic person named Raymond W. Tucker, Sr. who called Jack Ruby to recruit all his anti-JFK buddies to kill him.. These were Chicago Mob, Texas Oil, CIA, LBJ, Hoover, et al.

"Operation Northwoods" is the JCS and Lyman Lemnitzer's Framework for False Flag method to have an alleged Russian Sympathizer shoot JFK.to inflame the US news to declare nuke war on Russia.


The Lower Echelon: ------"Implementation for Murder"-------

(Four JFK shooters, One LHO shooter, One Tippit shooter)

The JFK assassination is not that hard to solve. It was lean and hard to spot due to shooters being nearly Undetectable, and the snowstorm of 600 + Fake News Books to confuse the public.
Ending the Conundrum. Lets all make it happen.

The bottom level, the shooters: Nicoletti (Chicago Mob), Roselli (CIA-MOB), Mac Wallace (LBJ Hitter), Files (Chicago), and Marlow (Chicago).

Duty:Target JFK from three sites. Dal-Tex, TSBD, GN-Fence

Patsy: Lee Oswald as set-up fake shooter at TSBD. He no showed on 6th floor---big problem to frame up.

Execution Errors: Mac Wallace set to gun down LHO for the frame up of LHO on 6th floor.. Various mishaps changed LHO take down (Gary Marlow) to Texas Theater, then Basement DPD (Jack Ruby).


Next level the Planners and money men.

Lead planner: Edward Clark
Money Man Clint Murchison
Money Man: HL Hunt, AEC Uranium Lands
Morris Jaffee, LBJ Election financer, using AEC Uranium land, Owned Dal-Tex, prime shooter location, uranium was the new Oil and JFK threatened that.
Radio Coordination: Jim Braden, operation center 3rd floor Dal-Tex
Plan Inception: Jack Ruby via AEC ORNL's Masonic Raymond W. Tucker, Sr., backed by AEC Dallas Uranium land owners


Agency Cover:

JE Hoover FBI
John McCone, CIA, former AEC, former Truman backer, tight with HL Hunt and Morris Jaffee on Uranium deals supporting LBJ elections
Bill Harvey CIA
Lyndon Johnson, VP-POTUS--elections paid for via AEC uranium money.


Legal Basis: Atomic Energy Act

Framework: Operation Northwoods


The Title is awarded to those here: "I solved the JFK Assassination"

I think for those that have read and understood the basic factors here, you can claim that "You have Solved the JFK assassination.".

It is not very difficult to pin down the JFK assassinations players.

From this point forward, any of you should be able to see the scam books from the real ones. Most of them are scams, so don't waste too much money in search of the simple truth on JFK evidence.

The Warren Report is fake, the FBI lies on the JFK hit by telling only WR applies to the JFK hit. The FBI burned evidence, it damaged photo evidence, and FBI's Hoover were part of a Criminal Conspiracy to replace JFK and originally intended to start short lived Nuclear WWIII against Russia via False Flag set-up.


Lots of the LHO AEC Associations:
LHO worked for the AEC via U-2 program. LHO was on the FBI's payroll. LHO was on the CIA's Payroll:
Since the plot to kill JFK came from AEC's ORNL working with Jack Ruby, the leading AEC security agent Boris Pash is assigned to LBJ.


JFK-100 The Truth is Out There for Everyone to better guide your future.

I hope everyone enjoyed learning about the JFK hit. It began in Oak Ridge, Tennessee AEC plant from ORNL's Raymond W.Tucker, Sr calling up Jack Ruby in Dallas to get him to organize the Dallas connections and his Old Chicago Mob into killing JFK. It was not so hard as the Chicago Boys made a plan to kill JFK in Chicago on Nov2. So, take that deal on the read and use some high level connections with LBJ to insure JFK showed up and got hit in a Cross-Fire.

How obvious does it get when LBJ and his SS Agent duck down at his Limo get in line with Dal-Tex Windows. Dal-Tex is owned by LBJ's biggest campaign backer Morris Jaffee, who got rich on AEC uranium deals. HL Hunt also invested on that deal as it was set to become the New Energy Commodity and they sought mega-riches on uranium. They were also not about to let JFK screw that over by cutting back nuke weapons.

So, Abe Zapruder is on 4th Floor Dal-Tex and he has the same Rabbi as Jack Ruby and just happened to stand right at the epicenter for the JFK assassination. Down in the 3rd floor is the Jaffee / Hunt Uranium Office and also the location for Jim Braden's radio control center for the JFK hit. There are four sniper type guns kept there. Get on down to the 2nd floor and that is the location for the Nicoletti and Roselli shooting down the Street to kill JFK.

JFK is all happy in DC days before because he completed the Atmospheric Test Ban Treaty and was going to Bring Khrushchev to DC soon and make some huge peace deals and the nuclear weapons business would die on the vine. JFK had unfortunately put the Eisenhower AEC chairman into the DCIA because he had exposed the Israel Nuclear Proliferation at Dimona. JFK wanted all nuclear bomb proliferation stopped and the world set on a peace direction, much like FDR's ideals after WWII.

Now you can begin to see why all the nuclear bomb building people know exactly how JFK was killed, mostly because lots of them were behind it. I have known some 11-22-63 and I am not the only one that sees what is obvious on old AEC locations and those building bombs.

LBJ was literally financed into the Vice Presidency by AEC profits of Morris Jaffee and the main kill JFK operations were in the building Jaffee owned and controlled. Old AEC types like John McCone literally hate JFK and was very much on board to kill JFK to get rid of him and put in AEC good old boy LBJ. The JFK ATBT was signed on October 10, 1963 and McCone hated JFK and all those of that Truman extremes on Nuke weapons termed JFK as a Communist.

JFK's peace with Russia and Cuba was building momentum quickly and the AEC plants were hating JFK in the extreme. So, this is why we see it started in Oak Ridge at the AEC ORNL plant via the Mason Raymond W. Tukcer, Sr. call to Jack Ruby as the knew all his connections with LBJ, the local oil good ole boys connections with AEC and uranium as well as Mason Hoover who also hated the Kennedy's and backed LBJ.

It cannot get any more obvious in seeing the head of AEC security staying very close to LBJ at Parkland Hospital just after JFK's are blown out. It was the results of Dallas Connections and Chicago Mob;s hate of JFK all being coordinated by Jack Ruby as we wanted to become a Tough Guy and get JFK killed to get an LBJ that would back Israel's Dimona, keep Vietnam running, and boost nuclear weapons productions around the AEC system.

Some of you began to notice the AEC dependence on the JFK hit and that was highly hidden from the public, but totally obvious to AEC weapons people. So, I just changed what the public needed some coaching to know and link together.

All those that have followed this one day Series of simple knowledge now know what the weapons scientists all have known. And now all of you have solved the JFK assassination from top to bottom and it all just fits perfectly together in logical associations.

JFK-100 The time has come for all to know what occurred.



The most hidden Secret on the JFK hit was Ruby was the Start Up man and coordinator between Chicago Mafia and the Oil/Uranium gang in Dallas.

Dal-Tex was paid for by AEC uranium money and that same AEC money launched LBJ's political rise to VP and then P, via shooting his way into the P.

Ruby was even solicited by Oak Ridge AEC to set up JFK's murder.

The hit had a Keystone Cops level of competence, and was fraught with problems: Like LHO leaving the TSBD, Police showing up at same time Gary Marlow shows up to shoot LHO at Texas Theater, going on up the Ruby having to shoot LHO himself. It was an Amateurish slow rolling disaster that is falling apart today with clear images of LHO standing on the top left front steps of the TSBD during the shooting.

Edited by Jim Phelps
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