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Still another campaign to discredit Jack White

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Dear Jack,

Take it easy my Friend...

Let the twisted Jackals shout in the desert!!!

There's a lot of people on your side! ;)

In a friendly way...

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The latest smear campaign accuses me of claiming falsely that I was a Photographic Consultant to the HSCA.

These provocateurs swim in a sea of ignorance. Simply by going to page 516 of the HSCA report, they could

find the truth.


I know it's probably on record somewhere but I have a few questions for you Jack and was wondering if you'd be able to answer them for me at your convenience....

1. If you can remember, what were you doing a few weeks or months PRIOR to being asked to appear before HSCA?

2. Who was it specifically that asked you to appear before HSCA?

3. Where there any follow up calls by any of the HSCA members after your testimony or anyone affiliated with the committee?

Thank you. Jason Vermeer

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