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Lynne Foster

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I am an independent researcher with a Bachelor of Education degree, I am based in Toronto and I am currently writing a book about 'Leadership and Education'. I plan to have a website in the future where I intend to publish excerts of my work. In the meantime, I spend most of my time doing research, with the occasional pause to peruse interesting websites where education is the topic of discussion.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Hey, Lynne. Thought I 'd come away from the JFK threads to talk to you because this is serious girl.

Heard of narcissistic behaviour? well I say behaviour but obviously thought is the father of deed and we are not privileged to your thought process are we?so we must study your behaviour to learn about your "inner voice"A constant refrain from you is, I THINK, I BELIEVE, ITS OBVIOUS TO ME, This reveals a childish rigidity in thought processing, dressed up as independence of mind. So enamored are you of the beauty of your own reflection in the pool, that any who can't perceive it are jealous of your pure beauty of thought, and reasoning. This leads to anger, but of a passive/aggressive nature which cannot be dispensed in an adult way, but rather through juvenile sneering, and baseless accusations. If you are interested we can discuss how narcissism leads surely to paranoia. Steve. (Skinner)

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Guest John Gillespie

That's a very astute analysis, Stephen, with sharp insight into the human condition. I should be as forgiving, but since I've gotten some unwarranted barbs on this site, which I call the Re-Education Forum (frightening, isn't it, how so very quickly they attack...paranoia, indeed!), I want to reprise a little essay of several months ago. Shortly thereafter I declined to do much with this site except scroll, with alacrity.

It's sad that so many educated people succumb to that knee-jerk defensiveness which quickly evolves into anger. But your encapsulated summation is self-explanatory. It really has to do with fear...of a hell of a lot of things. That said, herewith the offering and some reasons for apathy toward the Re-Education Forum. By the way, not to pick on Nic, right after some genuine profanity was spewed at Tim and perhaps others, Mr. Simkin hastened to say how Nic is considered to be a valuable member. That was the outrageous hypocritical straw, if you catch my drift.


"I do not have personal real conversations (sic) with assholes."

- Jack White on the Re-education Forum (REF)

"...saying things that they would not dare to say in a personal face-to-face setting."

- ibid

One would have thought the above to have been intended irony, however humorless, if one hadn't known better and had not been forced to navigate the prose of Jack White to get to something untangled. But this is so often the case on the REF, is it not?

Here's a guy using the 'a' word while at the same time decrying a lack of civility! Then he writes things he wouldn't dare say face-to-face while at the same time criticizing others for writing things THEY might not say cheek to cheek. To further paraphrase Irving Berlin: I won't dance, don't ask me.

The Progressives are good - great, actually - at gathering various techniques to further their double standards and doublethink, as if no one would notice. They're also good at getting angry at you and getting personal real quickly (but after all, YOU are to blame), as in nasty. I refer you to any of the more recent Nic postings or one can simply pinch one’s nostrils and browse the Let’s Attack Tim Gratz Archives. Once these people have exposed themselves, the hatred and self loathing are impossible to hide. The light has been shone on the cockroach; the rodent has been cornered. The paranoia is bared full. You are on to them, you see?

So, AHEM! That's about the extent of expletive usage that you'll get outta ME, guys.



"And you David - you just like posting in the forum. You don't seem to add anything to the topic being discussed..."

- recent commentary by Evan

Good call, Ev Man! The REF reeks of that sort of thing. Touche. Though I still like perusing the topics, I realize there is far too much Jack, Nic, Pamela, David, et al through which to wade – like Tim Robbins in “The Shawshank Redemption”. For the most part, these are people who have never done anything meaningful outside the womb of academia and have nothing to offer but a continuous stream of nonsense worthy only of an adolescent chatline. It is nothing more than the trading of drivel, full of sound and fury and signifying NOTHING.

Recently, I realized that there may never come a time when one is inured to this barrage of rubbish. I saw perhaps the most gratuitous, speculative twaddle that I have encountered to date on the REF, above and beyond the usual. It was posted under the Tippitt slaying sub-topic of the JFK assassination "debate" in January 2005 by something called Dixie Dea.

Dale Myers wrote a marvelous book on this subject - one of the

best investigative works I have ever read - entitled "With Malice." It is a work of honest research and meticulous, dedicated investigation. If only it had been read by those whose names and postings appear in the wake of this Dixie Dea trailor-park verbiage. Instead of eagerly flowing with the swill they would have cringed and taken Ms Dea to the woodshed. But, obviously, they got to read just what they wanted - Earlene Roberts and The Incredible Honking Horn, for instance

Somewhere in the fetid aftermath of Hurricane Dea, in the heaving of refuse that followed, there was a classic Nic posting about – get this - an alley somewhere off of Patton Street and near the scene of the Tippitt slaying. Nic and a couple of other Progressives babbled that the alley really and truly was there at the time but it’s just not there anymore. (cont’d)

Ah, let me guess. The CIA subsequently must have purchased the surrounding property and reconfigured it – bulldozed it, even - to ensure the success of the cover up to hide the real Tippitt murderer(s). These are the same people that sabotaged Ted Kennedy’s Presidential hopes six years later at Chappaquidick when they “messed up his car”... and stuff, as Nic would say. Yes, perhaps these are even the same hooligans that O.J. hopes to encounter after slicing one off into the woods. Claptrap. Give me my Mulligan and let me guess again: Nic hasn’t read “With Malice.”

So hey, you progressives, listen up. This is not hard: Oswald did NOT kill JFK. But he DID kill Tippitt. Being unable to accept that notion or even consider the possibility tells me there just might be an agenda at work. All of you, the Guesswork Groupies of the REF, seriously set back the overall effort on a number of fronts. You are The McAdams' Morons. You do immeasurable harm and you don’t care because it makes you and the likes of Dixie feel better, doesn't it?

Let’s to the Dea atrocity once more and what it represents on the REF. It is symptomatic of the mire through which one must scroll, i.e., declarative statements without substance and shot from the hip to achieve nothing so much than a faux credence by the author(s). They simply want to believe what they write and to feel good in the process. As with Jack, there is presumed license to dispense garbage as if it were wisdom from on high, when in truth it simply is wild theorem put out for its own sake with an implied insistence that theirs is a voice to be heard on serious matters.

They are up past their bedtimes.

John A. Gillespie

"Parasites who persistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should."

Alan Greenspan, 1957, letter to Editor, N.Y. Times, on a selected theme of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged."

Edited by John Gillespie
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