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Douglas Caddy

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Attorney-at-Law in Houston, Texas. Member of the Texas and District of Columbia Bars. Graduated from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service (B.S. degree) and New York University School of Law (J.D. degree). Author of five books, the last three of which being published by Texas A&M University Press. My biography appears in Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World.

My desire to join the Forum is prompted by a desire to elaborate upon and, in same instances, correct previous observations made about me in the Forum in regard to my being linked to Watergate and to Billie Sol Estes, among other matters.

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  • 11 years later...

Mr. Caddy, I just viewed the film "ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN" again for the 6th time or so.

Each viewing of this film, I'm always disturbingly reminded of not just the true depth of corruption ( the list of perps went on and on ) at the absolute highest levels of our government but how blatantly and long term this massive corruption was carried on and how the entire citizenry of this country was so easily kept ignorant about it all until it was finally exposed by first journalistic and then congressional investigation.

And also even after this unprecedented criminal constitution violating enterprise was being revealed, that (as Jason Robard's Ben Bradlee character says in the film ) ...  "half the country still doesn't give a XXXX about it all."

I totally agree with Bradlee's sad film line assessment of widespread American apathy ( even if Bradlee never actually said this in real life) and feel this great flaw in our societal mind-set is one of the main reasons we and our constitutional democracy have been so abused by so many and for so long. This 50% apathy never really left us in my opinion since Watergate as well as manipulation to keep so many ignorant of what is really going on behind the still existent Wizard Of Oz government curtains. 

But Doug Caddy, since you were actually right there next to and even involved with the Watergate event and many of it's key historical figures and so generously willing to reveal what you knew and know, I am inspired to ask your take on a few script aspects of "ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN" if I may.

Hal Holbrook's "Deep Throat-Mark Felt's" character's most pop culture remembered line to Robert Redford's "Bob Woodward" in his dark shadow-under ground garage scenes is "Follow The Money." Apparently this line was not actually spoken by Felt and was created by screenwriter William Goldman.

That line does however, fit what actually happened in Bernstein's and Woodward's investigative efforts to a large degree, but there was another Deep Throat to Bob Woodward line that was more ominous and important in my opinion. And I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding this line and whether this was also from Goldman's creative license or an actual line that Woodward may have quoted in his Watergate memoirs?

This Felt line was the one telling Woodward that the Watergate "cover-up" by Nixon and his cabal was more about covering up much more serious criminal and subversive activity that had occurred "nationwide" for many years before Watergate and that involved all the most powerful lettered agencies. 

This one line in the film has always given me greater concern in it's implication than just the Watergate break-in and the many other  "dirty tricks" that the Republican party was perpetrating to sabotage the most feared Democratic candidates.

I remember listening to one of the Nixon tapes ( or reading a transcript of this ) where John Mitchell tells Chuck Colson that this Watergate thing was just the "tip of the iceberg." My God, one can imagine what that implies?

D C, do you know if ( or feel that ) the Felt line to Woodward was an actual quote and if so, your thoughts about what this more serious subterfuge activity was, including perhaps JFK cover-ups and maybe even killings?

Could you remind me again as to what character in the film is you by another name?

What are your feelings regards the over-all script of ATPM as done by William Goldman?

Your feelings regards how Bernstein and Woodward  ( and Ben Bradlee ) are portrayed in the film versus what you may know or feel about them in real life?

There is so little in the film ( nothing really ) about your personal insider's story regards the DC police and their own corruption and efforts to entrap and physically harm you. I would imagine that you feel that the film misses so much more serious and heavy intrigue and corruption that you personally experienced than the average person could imagine?

Thanks for any thoughts you may share on the film and my questions.



Edited by Joe Bauer
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