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maryferrell.org Listing for Zapata Oil

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Under the maryferrell.org Listing for Zapata Oil, it mentions the following.

Record: ZAPATA OIL COMPANY, ----- -----

Sources: Operation Zapata, published 1981.


Comments: George Bush was one of owners of Zapata Oil Co. Operation Zapata = code name of Bay of Pigs. Two of the landing craft in Bay of Pigs were "Houston" and "Barbara J." One partner of Zapata Oil was rumored to be part owner of Carousel Club property. In George deMohrenschildt's address book: "Bush, George H. W. (Poppy), 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum, Midland 46355 = phone."

Does anyone on the Forum have the book, or can add anything to this?

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I suspect that Operation Zapata was named in reference to Cuba's Zapata Peninsula, location of the Bay of Pigs, and not Bush's oil company.

In any case, Operation Zapata has always struck me as an incredibly stupid "codename" for a planned invasion of the Zapata Peninsula. (Imagine the Japanese using the codename "Operation Pearl Harbor" for its planned attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.)

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