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Fernandez Feito

Tim Gratz

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Does anyone have any information on a man named Fernandez Feito?

Does James or Robin have a photo of Mr. Feito?

Fernandez Feito was the alias of Ignacio Hernandez Garcia, a Cuban Exile who worked for Ramon Buenrostro Cortez in Texas. They worked for the Intercontinental Company of Garland, Texas, a subsidiary of Lionel Corporation. 'Feito' also worked with Lorenzo Saunders during this time.

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Thanks, Adam. I had encountered the name in a CIA report found in the Russ Holmes' file on the Mary Ferrell web-site which report is obviously the basis of the Warren Commission exhibit you posted.

The Ferrell Foundation web-site is great for on-line research!

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I have no idea how or if Ignacio Hernandez Garcia connects to what happened in Dealey Plaza but I can tell you it was the Department of Commerce that cited Lorenzo Saunders and his company, Transcontinental over the truck and farm implement export deal. The equipment was seized in Mexico City. Other company officials connected at the Mexico end included Ignacio Hernandez Garcia, Ramon Cortes Buenrostro, Fernandez Ibanez Garcia and Antonio Mortera Sandoval.

I do not have a photograph of Fernando Feito aka Ignacio Hernandez Garcia.



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