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Robert Oswald believed that his brother Lee Harvey Oswald had help.

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Mr. Robert Oswald stated on Pages 448-449 Vol. 1 in his Warren Commission testimony that he believed that Mr. and Mrs. Paine were involved in some way in the assassination of JFK. Also, he believed that Jack Ruby knew LHO prior to the events of November 22, 1963, and was a participant in some type of conspiracy. I would like to point out that Mr. Dulles had Mr. Robert Oswald say that he did not believe that the F.B.I. , C.I.A. the Secret service or other Government agencies were involved.. When one reads this part of Mr. Oswald's testimony, it seems, IMO, as if he were practically quoting from a prepared statement, then allowed to express his own views of possible individual participants. (page 447) It is clear, again IMO, that Robert believed that LHO could not have done this on his own. That is, the planning, financing, etc.


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Your post motivated me to read Robert Oswald's testimony and I agree 100% with your observations.

Oswald testified at great length, and there is a wealth of fascinating accounts in his testimony. Of note was his observation of how his brother's hair was full and curly before defecting to Russia and that it was thinning and kinky upon his return to the States. The change was so dramatic, that Robert Oswald thought his brother might have been subjected to shock treatment by the Soviets.

He further remarked that more than once, the last conversation he had with his brother (more than a year before November 22nd) that "This was not the Lee Oswald I knew." No wonder John Armstrong found his testimony so germane in some respects.

One episode of questioning is revealing:

Page 314

Representative Boggs: Have you in your own mind reached any conclusions as to whether or not your brother killed President Kennedy?

Robert Oswald: Based on the circumstantial evidence that has been reported in the newpapers and over the radio and television, I would have to say that it appears that he did kill President Kennedy.

Boggs: .....would you give us any reason for why he may have done this?

Mr. Oswald: No sir; I could not.

Boggs: It came as, I would think, as a great shock to you?

Mr. Oswald: Yes sir; it certainly did, and I might add that the Lee Harvey Oswald I knew would not have killed anybody.

Page 315

Boggs: Your mother in her testimony before the Commission, gave the impression and later in press stories that she thought that maybe your brother was an agent of the CIA. Did you ever have any reaason to think that?

Mr. Oswald: No sir; and the only time the thought ever entered my mind as to him being an agent of the CIA or any other U.S. Government bureau was upon his return from Russia while residing at my residence in Fort Worth, the FBI had called and requested that he come down for an interview there in Fort Worth. On the completion of his interview when I came home from work that night, he discussed it briefly and I asked him how did they treat him, and so forth. He said just fine, and he says, "They asked me if I was a secret agent," or some type of agent for the U.S. Government and he laughed and he said. "Well, don't you know?" I remember that. It was just crossed out of my mind.

Every time Robert Oswald stated that he believed his brother shot President Kennedy, he was careful to qualify his belief, basing it on the circumstantial evidence that he saw in the media.

As you noted, he believed the Paines were somehow involved. He wrote that in his diary. He stated that he based that opinion on newspaper accounts of a man that fit Michael Paine's description handing his brother a rifle at the range and on a gut feel when he encountered the Paines at the county jail.

There are many other fascinating accounts including the distrust between the Secret Service and the FBI as evidenced to him at the Six Flags Inn (Where Marina was being sequestered).

Thanks for your post, giving me impetus to reread Robert Oswald's testimony. Sometimes, the early stuff is the best.


Mike Hogan

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