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  1. Joseph, everyone else on the forum, I am so sorry. I thought I had looked the forum over and found it clear on the subject before I posted! I will try to be more careful next time!!
  2. https://www.dallasnews.com/arts-entertainment/2021/03/03/marie-tippit-widow-of-dallas-police-officer-gunned-down-by-lee-harvey-oswald-dies-at-92/
  3. Vince, I just watched this film of Oswald. In fact, I watched it 3 times. I have seen most of this many times over the years. I had not seen the clip that shows the reporter reading about Oswald's reaction when the complaint was read, in court, that he had killed the president. Oswald's response was "that's ridiculous" Oswald was either an amazing actor or he didn't shoot anybody, as he said.
  4. Why didn't Bobby refuse to ride in it? It's not like it would have changed anything in his relationship with Johnson anyway!! This is strange!
  5. Obviously, very thorough work on this. And very convincing. The Warren Commission really did not believe the masses would read their report, and they were correct. LBJ's response when receiving his copy was "It's Heavy". I also doubt he did any reading other than a summary. So, we believed what we were told.
  6. "You can see and feel a whirlwind of self-preservation and probably guilt emotion thoughts going on in his head. imo." Joe Bauer Joe, I have watched that interview a few times over the years, and I believe LBJ might have been doing a little bit of 'confessing'. His body language, especially the eyes darting around and then looking down as he talked seemed to indicate, at least to me, that he wanted to get something on the record.
  7. In my opinion, I have always believed Oswald used the iron sights, that is, for the 2nd and 3rd shot. I believe that he had every intention of using the scope, but when he missed so wildly with the 1st shot, he realized that he must use the sights on the rifle, if he has any kind of chance of scoring a hit with the Carcano!
  8. Micah, i am afraid that your statement is just wishful thinking,IMO. The powers that be will never upset the apple cart (ie: warren commission report)
  9. Going down the front steps (of the old homeplace) to go with my Uncle squirrel hunting. I had just reached the bottom steps when he said, "your boy's been shot". I said, "what are you talking about, Billy Joe?". he then told me that Robert Kennedy had been shot. I ran back inside and turned the television on and never left it again until Bobby passed away. i was 17 years old.
  10. Looking forward to getting your new book, Vince. I will be watching for the pre-publish date that allows us to order it!!
  11. Connally's use of "They are going to kill us all," versus "he," is a common use of "They", at least in the South. "They Said" is always stated as the good guys or the bad guys, "they" being the operative word!
  12. "I was telling Johnson that the safest thing for us was to get out of there and get back to Washington. He said that we were not leaving without Mrs. Kennedy, and she wasn't leaving without her husband's body. There was nothing sinister about it. Some people are just trying to make something up that isn't really there." Rufus Youngblood
  13. Thanks Ron, these are all legitimate reasons as to the possibility of his involvement, but, did he make the move, did he do it!
  14. What is the consensus among the members of this forum? I think that this theory, as well as others, should be put to rest or taken as fact. A decision, either way, would help us to have a more united position, rather than be divided by all the different pet theories that are out there. What proof is there to argue either for or against a "Johnson did it"position?
  15. https://www.beatgogo.com/.../bob.../49673/murder-most-foul Everyone can read the lyrics while listening to the song here! It is somewhat overwhelming, to say the least!!
  16. While looking at the photos, it struck me as to how, noticeably, thin Robert Kennedy was in April, 1964. I am assuming that he had probably only ate what the family could get him to since Nov. 22nd. He was in serious mourning, but still out there attempting, at least, to put on a brave face. april, 1964
  17. Many people, I talk to, are worried, as am I. Can the United States be destroyed, as we know it, in another Trump term. We seem to be losing our allies as well as overly pressuring Nations that clearly hate the U.S. The fact that no one is at the helm seems that the ship would finally crash into the rocks! The question is, will our country come apart, albeit from within, in that short amount of time? Anyone care to comment on this?
  18. David, my guess on the tie (albeit a professional one since I worked in a clothing store during jr. college...lol) is that Oswald's has tied is a half windsor knot vs a full windsor. A full (or double) windsor is more symetrical, due to a second wrap around on the neck loop. In the future, please don't hesitate to contact me with all your clothing needs!!...😁
  19. John Butler, I wonder what the guy in the Fedora hat was thinking at that moment?.............
  20. David Andrews, I was going to mention that as well. Did Ruby shout something before he shot? It struck me that if Oswald looked at Ruby as he (Ruby) started moving wouldn't he have kept his eyes on him the rest of the time. It seems surreal that Oswald would look at a man with a gun and then look in a different direction!
  21. Doug, I have watched this interview, with Roger Craig, a few times over the yeas and find him to be believable. I have nothing to base this on other than his mannerisms. He seemed very direct with his answers. He did not hesitate. He responded immediately to each question without having to think up an answer. He just, matter-of-factly, told what he saw on that day, Nov. 22, 1963.
  22. If the curtain rod story is real, then why wrap them in paper? Why not bring them to work then borrow some tape to hold them together. I do not believe that, if there was a package, it had anything to do with curtain rods!
  23. John, do you know the mental capacity of Carl Jenkins? If he has not been approached, don't we owe it to humanity to make every attempt to see if he will talk, if he is coherent, before he passes. Sadly, though, it will probably be dismissed as "the babbling of an old man," by the msm, if he does come forward with information on his involvement in the assassination. Anyway, if he is approachable, then, certainly, someone needs to make an effort to speak with him.
  24. Ron mentions that Dallas was 'CIA controlled'. I doubt anyone on the forum would question that Chicago and Miami were CIA/Mob controlled, as well. So, as to what part Dallas played in the assassination, it was simply another place that, with the help of others such as Cabell, met the criteria, as a location, for another attempt to murder the president. If the earlier attempts were carried out by the same people, then Dallas was just a convenient location to finish the job. As president Kennedy said on the morning of the 22nd, (paraphrasing) anyone could kill him from the top of a building with a high powered rifle. My belief is that once the decision was made to kill him, if it didn't happen in one planned location then they would go on to the next, and the next, until it was done!
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