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Did Dave film more than just the smoke?

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Both Jean Hill and Mary Moorman reported hearing three or four shots followng the fatal head shot.... Hill stated, "There was an interval, and three or four more shots rang out . By that time the motorcade had sped away. "

Does the Wiegman film show a small cloud of gunsmoke or is it just sunlight being reflected by autumn

leaves? Recently I read that someone had stated unequivocally that it could not have been gunsmoke, since even back in 1963 smokeless gunpowder had already been in use for many years . However, is it not possible that a recently oiled rifle barrel will emit a puff of smoke, even if the gunpowder is of the smokeless variety?

Prior to proceeding I would request that viewers visit Marcel Dehaeseleer's website at :

My Webpage

The reason I make this request is based on the following:

About eight or nine years ago on behalf of my brother, Jimmy, I contacted both Martin Shackleford and Robert Groden in regard to a specific frame in the Wiegman/NBC footage, to request their comments in regard to a discovery which my brother, Jimmy, was claiming to have made. He was certain that Jean Hill's statement quoted above, was absolutely correct. Moreover, Jimmy had sent me video footage of a technique he had developed, and which he had employed in identifying gunflashes recorded in the Nix footage. He had applied the same technique to a circle of light in the referenced Wiegman frame, and found that it was a gunflash.

Both Shackleford and Groden unhesitatingly dismissed Jimmy 's claim . Groden stated that he had examined his copy of the footage and could find no such circle of light. ( Marcel Dehaeseleer's above listed website may provide the explanation as to why Groden could not find the frame in question). Then he went on to tell me that what Jimmy was seeing, was most probably an abberation/artifact/ flaw in the copying process. Earlier JImmy had written to Josiah Thompson, who wrote back fom San Fancisco to say," Sorry to disappoint you on your discovery, Mr O'Hagan, but there is no evidence of a shot being fired that late in the assassination."

Nevertheless, Jimmy has never deviated from his claim that he is able to substantiate Jean Hill's eyewitness statement, which was given to an ABC TV reporter within an hour of the assassination.

The foregoing has been provided as background information. Next we shall take a look at a copy of the Wiegman frame which Jimmy sent to me at the time. Here it is:

Here is a blowup rendition of the area in question which I have produced:

Lastly, here is a coloured version:

As usual I request that viewers tell me what , if anything , they think they see.

N.B. The gunflash can also be seen in the Malcolm Couch footage. It is hard to detect, but rest assured that it is there alright. One has to watch the footage extremely closely, since Couch was filming the area to the left of the corner on the GK from quite some distance away in front of the TSBD. There is only a 3 seconds overlap in the time when both Couch and Wiegman were filming . I'll see if I can find the specific frame in Couch, and if I can, I'll post it.

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Ed, I think it would have been smart for Jimmy to first have checked to see if that white spot was on the camera original so to know if Groden was right when he said it may have been an artifact that occurred during the copying stage. I also do not think a flash from a gun would be that large from so far away (maybe from a cannon) and Thompson was correct about the timing problem for that being a gun shot.


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Ed,  Do you have a copy of the Wiegman film with the sprocket area showing?  I am interested in the area of the pergola (shelter) area where Zapruder was filming.  I want to see if there is a gunman in that pergola as the Mary Moreman picture shows the image of a person there.  In the Darnell film a person can be seen in the pergola moments after the shooting.

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