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Walker letter writing campaign

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Thanks Greg! Joe Grinnan was loyal to Walker and his circle of friends. We came across his Christmas cards that he sent to Walker's bud, J. Evatts Haley. Joe communicated with Haley well into the 80's and was still very loyal to the cause. On the other hand Surrey had a falling out with Walker a few years later, when Roberts wife became angry about Ted turning down their request to join the Dallas ANP.


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Greg , I agree, although I doubt these radical RWer's sought help from CIA....they detested the agency with a passion. One exception, or acceptable cross- over, may have been fellow Texan David Atlee Phillips, who seems to have had a foot in each camp. Great group a guys!


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Weissman, Schmidt etc were not under Walker's command. See Weissman testimony.

Larry Jones is the one you should all be interested in. Weissman and Schmidt were set up, imo.

Set up by whom, based on what info, for what reason and with what degree of success? Just curious as usual. I am just not

intimately familiar with all the surrounding details. Even Ruby implied that the use of Weissman, a Jew, was part of the "plot"

to blame the JFK murder on all Jews to cause a "pogrom against the Jews" by those in power in Dallas on the JBS, like Walker,

Willoughby and Morris. Any comments?

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