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Murder of Vatican Banker

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On Dateline NBC, the reporter referred to this case as " to the conspsiracy theorists , this story is the same as Dealey Plaza, and Roswell, New Mexico". Read this link;http://www.atheists.org/flash.line/calvi5.htm. This kind of statement from the news media is exactly why nothing will be done to solve the murder of JFK. This man casually compared the president's assassination to the supposed events at Roswell. It seems to me that any new interest ( the recent Hour-long session on the Conspiracy ) is stopped in it's tracks by such reckless statements.


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I hope i am not too far off here....

One of the things I've noticed over the years with people in general who are arguing any kind of point and losing, usually where fact and proof are non existant, and not specifically to this case but in a general sense, people have a tendency to start attacking and becoming diffuse.

It's the tactic of the lawyer / defender of a rapist who is caught red handed and abundant evidence is piled against the client;

the response/defense then usually turns to the character of the victim who is then dragged thru the mud, regardless that there is only evidence pointing to the defendant, that "she must be a slut" or "she was asking for it". this is not only common, it's the preffered way of defending a rapist.

In the case of Message Board flamewars, the same is usually true...

Facts are ignored and not addressed, and then the personal attacks come out, usually with erroneous and intentional non facts that align the target to any number of socially marginal deviations such as "pot smoking" or "alchoholism" or the like...

"Well anyone who thinks that is CRAZY and ....." etc etc...

It has been my experience that the media is trained the same way.

I remember seeing David Belin on television years ago and I wish I could remember the program:

He jumped up and down geting red in the face, yelling and screaming like a child who couldn't have his way.

to refute anything he said, regardless of his total lack of any evidence, he said that "you sir must be mentally ill" if i remember correctly... i remember this because he looked truly psychotic and i never forgot that image. he looked like a mad little monkey.

He looked like a little Hitler.

in trying to find out what that program was i stumbled upon this article here:

david belin

It was interesting to note that years had passed and as i read this, i remembered what a nutcase he appeared to be on television.

there are two other incidents in the media that i remember as being so sickening to watch, the other was William F. Buckley Jr rattling of and threatening Gore Vidal and another where he threatens Noam Chomsky.

William F. Buckley Jr is, has been and always shall be regarded as an idiot by most people with a brain. not because he's a right winger, just because he's a closeted Nazi and not very bright.

but lets get back to the point:

The media are owned by people who consider people like Belin and Buckley to be experts when in fact, as can be seen clearly from their behaviour, they are psychopaths brought in to undermine the credibility of whomever happened to be a threat to the network agenda at the time.

This could also be seen with morons like Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala :

two morons who scream and yell under the guise of an open debate, where in fact, the debate is clearly closed to reason, fact or point...


they stay clearly away from any fact and proceed to pretend democracy and freedom are about yelling pointlessly about non facts neither of them are clearly intelligent enough to enter into a discourse on in the first place.

The media have a long history of this hiring policy.

You rarely see two intelligent people havng a discussion on a major network show about a world affair or tragedy or what have you, and coming to a solution at the end...

No, they get Ted Nugent on to debate gun control with a woman whos son shot himself in the head with her husbands handgun....

then Ted says something brilliant like " well kids shouldn't have guns..."

Ted Nugent... This is a guy I want to discuss heavy issues with...

So, the ufo's, "Elvis did it for nixon" theories are also supported, very much like limited hangouts because advertisers will pay for David Ickes and the like to talk non stop all night long about UFOS, abductions and lake monsters...and it isn't far off from the latenight religious programming either...

don't forget, Fletcher Prouty's writings originally appeared in porn mags, and not the "safe" playboy..no...the lower rack stuff...

Someone makes sure art bell is on somewhere everynight...

you see, as long as you think you aren't getting whipped on the way up the pyramid with a back full of bricks, you'll keep carrying them up..

as soon as one person asks " shouldn't we be getting what we pay for? is this all there is?" then other people will ask and soon enough, the Pharaohs dont have anyone bricking up the pyramids....

Then people who dont want to shake the tree too much nail you to something for trying to stick up for them...

If the JFK case broke wide open tomorrow with conclusive evidence, the media would still play it their way until another wall needed to be built on the border or another "spy scandal" would take its fifteen seconds of fame away, leaving it on page twelve between britney and paris.....

No, we need a reality show:

we need to see who can fire three shots from a bookstore in 4 seconds with a rusty bolt action rifle..

The prize?

they get murdered....

and sadly, thats what it becomes...

What is needed is a trial.

End rant / not trying to threadjack

Belin and Buckley are fine examples of these tactics.....



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Rant and threadjack away Blair, because you are dead on. Exactly the reaction that I was hoping for (with some extra icing). The reality show is not a bad idea either, minus the murder. (remember, the Dealey plaza "thing" was supposed to be a drill, fear factor style).


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